Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Why Exquisite?

Ten years ago I found myself in a hospital with loved ones around me who were clearly in as much emotional pain, as I was in medicated numbness. Whether it was the Demerol or shock or both, I find myself immersed in what was a profound emotion of guilt, at being the cause of my loved ones intense emotional pain.

This guilt was so complete that the experience itself became what I could only call “exquisite.” It was overwhelming, without room for any other feeling, including judgment of it, myself or the circumstances that lead us all to this “place.” As I marveled at my capacity to feel such complete emotion, it shifted to something akin to joy, at being able to experience such profound…anything!

This moment passed, as did the transition which brought it on, but the keen awareness that anything has the ability to be experienced exquisitely!

So here’s to Exquisite Transitions!



  Kelli Swan wrote @

I LOVE your new blog. And just added the feed to my iGoogle homepage. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights!! 🙂

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thanks Kelly, and I hope you’ll join the dialogue whenever you’re moved to do so!

  daryl hall wrote @

Congrats on this new blog….I will check it out regularly as I know we share similiar approaches to life…
Wishing you well with this…DARYL

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thanks Daryl. Please feel free to join the dialogue anytime!

  slowvelder wrote @

Have sent you an email regarding the map code

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