Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

And the curriculum for tonight is…

Something quite interesting has been going on. It seems I’m undergoing some sort of “orientation” into other realms in the last week or so.

I have long been aware of “attending” various classes or seminars during sleep state, and periodically have some recall of this. Lately however there has been greater recall about the nature of the curriculum. Several nights ago I was paired with someone and we were in a realm of instantaneous experience of our thoughts and “words.” Nothing was “taught” in a traditional sense. We just noticed how things responded to our thoughts and after two or three such experiences it became clear to us that we were in this “special” realm. A label is unimportant to me, but I did enjoy the ability to simply think something into existence.

Then I expressed the thought: “I wonder how long they will let us play here.” That’s when I woke up. I realize upon reflection that this thought had an underlying doubt that I could simply continue to be here, that it was going to “end”–and so it did. Point made–lesson learned!

Last night was far more powerful however. While I don’t recall much detail, I was on some kind of experiential course in which every experience/ lesson was an exquisite orientation to a specific human emotion. It was pure, clear and like an experiential dictionary of human emotions. There was no judgment of any emotion–it simply was. Through each experience there was recognition of something I knew, yet it was as if this was the very first time I experienced it!


Just Feel It


At one point I woke as I had to go to the bathroom. I was so disoriented in the physical realm, I clearly felt that much of my consciousness was elsewhere and the sensations were clearly not of this realm. I was fascinated and pleased, and wanted to go back and explore more of this experiential “handbook” for being human.

Looking forward to discovering what tonight’s curriculum is!


  informationforager wrote @

Very interesting. I have one of those very small recorders by my bed so as to say them out as soon as I wake up. The longer I’m awake the more I forget. I once had a dream where I was picking up my golf ball on the ninth hole and another woman’s ball winged by me. I was mad so I went back to show her how to golf. I showed her my way and then she showed hers. She placed her ball in the wedge of tree about four foot high and smacked it. Then she turned to me and said “My ball went as far as yours, how do you think you got it right?” I took this as a sign that others have their own way. Let them be!!

  shamballa9944 wrote @

There is so much to learn from dreams and dream states. Thanks for stopping by, and sharing!

  tasinator wrote @

Love it…I also get your feelings of being disoriented. You know you’re not completely back, yet your physical body needs you, and most of the time I don’t really want to let go of where I am because I know I need to finish something there.

Let us know how the lessons progress.

  Slowvelder wrote @

I am dying to find out how this continues

  shamballa9944 wrote @

So am I! These “lessons” have not continued at least consciously, yet.

Seems that for the moment I am doing lots of clearing, and I’m sensing it is more on a mass consciousness level than personal.

Of course it could be both 😉 .

  Pure One wrote @


I just read your post on D’s blog.

Could you post an email I could contact you at or if you can retrieve my email address because I’ve just posted this comment, would you please email me? I’d like to show you something.

It has to do with what your comment there said and what the comments I’ve made (that don’t get posted) have to say.

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