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Remember me?

Remember me? I’m the one you left behind. I’m the one you couldn’t find. I’m the one who’s tired of tryin’.

And where were you? Over there, over here. Everywhere, but no where near.

Why, I ask were you afraid, to taste the life we could have made? Together we were meant to be, you and me, and sanity.

Now what, I ask? Is this the life, the one I dreamed, the one I sliced…from pieces of the you and me, the ones that we were meant to be? And there I look and there I see the me and you in front of me.

When will you see, when will I know, that we are I and you are us

and never has there been the trust that together we can create the life, that we deserve-you and us.

Rockwell Girl in the Mirror


World Meditation Alert

Thank you to Tom Kenyon and The Hathors, for assisting humanity and earth to take the next energetic step:

Opening the Halls of Amenti

Final Instructions for the World Meditation on October 31, 2010

The energetic for this world meditation will begin at 12:01 pm, Pacific Daylight Savings Time on October 31st 2010, and will continue unabated until 12:01 noon the following day, Monday, November 1st 2010.

At 3 pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time, the group gathered at the event in Seattle, Washington will enter into an hour-long meditation, as described in our previous planetary message “The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti.”

We request that you review this message so that you understand the sequence of this meditation. During the one-hour gathering—in which you are invited to participate energetically, if you so choose—we will go through the meditation three times, which will take about 45 minutes. This will be a powerful energetic.

If you choose to participate during this hour-long period, we strongly suggest that you spend fifteen minutes resting in silence after you have gone through the meditation three times. Depending upon your level of evolution and conscious awareness, you may find yourself transported to multiple realms of consciousness simultaneously, and it may take some time for you to re-orient yourself back to three-dimensional time and space. Thus this fifteen-minute period of silence and rest is not an indulgence, but an absolute necessity in order for you to integrate the vast realms of consciousness that will be opened.

During this 24 hour period, from 12:01 pm, October 31st 2010, to 12:01 pm November 1st 2010, Pacific Daylight Savings Time, you would benefit greatly by going through the meditation as we have described in our previous message The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti.

In other words, this is a planetary wave of energy that you can participate in. There is no need to coordinate your meditation with the group in Seattle unless you wish—however we expect the greatest intensity of the energies released to be during this one-hour period when the group is gathered in Seattle and for several hours afterward.

The purpose of this world meditation is two-fold. The first is to activate and open your personal access to your own higher mind, symbolized by the metaphorical term “The Halls of Amenti.” The purpose of this personal activation is to bring to you the gifts of your own higher mind—new creative thought, joined with wisdom, for the elevation of your own life and the elevation of your relationships, as well as your community through the mysterious arising of personal courage and inspiration. These shall be the gifts that come to you when you open your own Halls of Amenti, meaning your own Higher Mind.

The second meaning of the term “Halls of Amenti” refers to the energetic work we shall be undertaking on the behalf of all humanity and future generations. It is an energetic that will operate independently of you, and does not involve you, nor does it involve the group that will be gathered in Seattle.

The action of Opening the Halls of Amenti will involve multi-dimensional energies that we will engage during the twenty-four hour period we mentioned above, and especially during the one-hour period while the group in Seattle is in meditation. We shall orchestrate these extraordinary multi-dimensional resources to open the actual Halls of Amenti that reside in the etheric realms, and whose physical anchor is beneath the Giza Plateau in Egypt. This shall be done for the courage and inspiration of all mankind, and to bring forward new understandings, and new technologies joined with wisdom for the elevation of all life.

For those of you who choose to enter into this meditation, time and space shall be transcended, and you shall fly on the wings of your own higher natures.

The Hathors
October 11, 2010

Building Trust

My cat Amber and I just had a nice little chat about Trust. Amber and her sister April were “delivered to me” in dream state by my then, recently passed 15-year-old kitty, Mushroom. It’s a long story, perhaps for another time, but there is absolutely no question in my mind that these two kittens were meant to be with me.

Amber enjoying some sisterly grooming from April

What’s more I believe Amber IS Mushroom. There are several reasons why I believe this, including that Mushie made the etheric match in the first place, but one of the more powerful reason is that with both of them I had to allow for the building of trust. Like Mushroom, Amber has/had trust issues. Mushroom was nearly 4 months old when I got her, and she lived most of that time caged in the vets office. However I adopted Amber and April when they were 9-weeks-old, so there was no apparent reason she should have trust issues, unless of course she came in to this life with these issues, in order to clear them, just as Mushroom did.

So as I chatted with Amber just now ( 😉 ) , realizing this did make me wonder why she would come back again so soon to re-learn that lesson. [Perhaps I’m just “known” now in the feline realm as a good builder of trust so I came recommended??]

This got me to thinking just what had and again is taking place with these cats, and with me as well. At least with my conscious experiences with Mushroom and now Amber, I realized that I seem to have a knack for building trust. Amber pointed out that I trust fairly easily. I must admit I do feel protected, and while I grew up in a household where victim mentality was prevalent and trust was rarely on the radar, I seem to have come away with a trusting outlook nonetheless. And I must add, I cannot recall having been burned. Has it happened? I would imagine so. But if it did, it clearly didn’t leave much of an impression, let alone a scar 🙂 .

So I asked Amber what is it that is happening that enables that building of trust? And I could feel how both with Mushroom then, and Amber now, I just loved them. And I let them decide how much love they were ready to receive. And I was okay with however much that was. Sometimes I would “stretch” their ability to receive a little more by holding them an extra 5 or 10 seconds after they started to squirm away. But that’s about it. Love them up close when they can handle it, love them from farther way when they can’t. (Not to get God-like now or anything, but it does sound like descriptions I’ve heard about how God relates to us. That would be a pretty good role-model I should think 😀 )

I can’t believe that I am the only one who does this either, for sure! But for some reason I felt the need to share, in that sometimes what is obvious to one, is far from obvious to another.

This whole “conversation” has me reflecting on how this applies within human-to-human relationships. Do I do this with humans also? Is this truly what is required to build trust with other humans?? Is this Trust, or is this Love? Is there a difference? Can one truly have one without the other?

What do you think? Something to ponder…

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