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And the curriculum for tonight is…

Something quite interesting has been going on. It seems I’m undergoing some sort of “orientation” into other realms in the last week or so.

I have long been aware of “attending” various classes or seminars during sleep state, and periodically have some recall of this. Lately however there has been greater recall about the nature of the curriculum. Several nights ago I was paired with someone and we were in a realm of instantaneous experience of our thoughts and “words.” Nothing was “taught” in a traditional sense. We just noticed how things responded to our thoughts and after two or three such experiences it became clear to us that we were in this “special” realm. A label is unimportant to me, but I did enjoy the ability to simply think something into existence.

Then I expressed the thought: “I wonder how long they will let us play here.” That’s when I woke up. I realize upon reflection that this thought had an underlying doubt that I could simply continue to be here, that it was going to “end”–and so it did. Point made–lesson learned!

Last night was far more powerful however. While I don’t recall much detail, I was on some kind of experiential course in which every experience/ lesson was an exquisite orientation to a specific human emotion. It was pure, clear and like an experiential dictionary of human emotions. There was no judgment of any emotion–it simply was. Through each experience there was recognition of something I knew, yet it was as if this was the very first time I experienced it!


Just Feel It


At one point I woke as I had to go to the bathroom. I was so disoriented in the physical realm, I clearly felt that much of my consciousness was elsewhere and the sensations were clearly not of this realm. I was fascinated and pleased, and wanted to go back and explore more of this experiential “handbook” for being human.

Looking forward to discovering what tonight’s curriculum is!

Inception: Time to Wake Up 1.11.11

Wow!! Brilliant, complex…and completely clear! This trailer does not do this film justice! For anyone who has consciously worked with their dreams, an amazing display that the world is ready to “awaken…”

Perfect timing for spreading the “wake up” call! [For some reason I can’t embed this so clicking below will take you to YouTube.

Remember to come back and tell me what you think–

AFTER you’ve seen the movie!



Layers within layers, my friends.



Night Shifts

Heart openings by day, major shifts by night.

Major shifts have been happening in my “dream-life.”  Last night, for instance, I dreamt that my work place and my home were all in the same place, like living on a college campus. I was in a beautiful park-like setting enjoying the surroundings, knowing that there was some work I needed to do, yet there was no immediate pressure to do so, because I could opt to do it on my time. Work was not separate from life, it was a part of life. It felt wonderful and integrated.

Peace of Mind, Freedom to Roam...Following My Own Path

I was on my own, exploring my surroundings, in what felt like another country, when I came across a bar or a church (hard to tell which :D). Beautiful music was coming from within, inviting me to enter. Because my time was my own, I decided to explore and enjoy the moment, the music and the musicians. When the music ended the atmosphere changed and someone shone a spotlight on things happening on the ancient walls: leaves growing, insects landing, lights flickering, and a small frog.

Then I felt a sudden creepy feeling moving up my spine, and I knew it was a frog…a big one! I reached behind me and pulled it up and out. No sooner did I do so then again, another large frog was leaping up my spine. Again I pulled it out. I quickly pulled my shirt close around my neck, thinking this would prevent anything else from getting into my clothing.

I woke up, with full recall, and recognition that the experience of the frogs were more symbolic of taking leaps upward/forward and rising kundalini energies. What’s more, on reflection of this dream and its setting, I recalled another powerful “dream-experience” from the night before.

In that dream I received some kind of notice to go to the student center as something was “overdue.”  An ancient but simple “center” was there with two attendants and I explained that for several years I have been striving to find my schedule. I have attended classes I thought I had, but despite my attempts to get my schedule, I could not access it. I would go to this office, they’d send me to another, I wouldn’t be able to find the office, going in circles… I simply could not access my student schedule. And now here it was, covered in dust and dirt, which I was able to easily wipe off. I made it clear that whatever was “overdue” was not for lack of trying on my part, and I wanted to know exactly where to go if I needed to retrieve this again.

I don’t recall getting an answer, but what was astounding to me is that I had no recall of this until after wandering around these gardens, feeling its peace and freedom, and experiencing the “leaps” in increasing vibrational frequencies. After several years of “trying” to attend classes on a regular basis, searching and not having my curriculum, I was called by and found the right office, and handed my schedule! Major, major shift!

And here, the very next night, I am in this amazing University-type setting, bright sunshine, gorgeous gardens, knowing my life and my work are one, and that my time is my own.

It’s amazing when a recurring dream scenerio suddenly shifts completely. It is the clearest indicator I know that major transitions are occurring.

Today, after my double frog leapings, life and work integration (night shifts,) I got to work, where my boss is out of commission for the foreseeable future and was told by two people that I was in charge now (day shifts). I have no trouble making decisions–I’ve been in charge before in other jobs. I know that it will be a collaboration and that my boss will be back in the saddle, even from home just as soon as she’s able, but I feel somehow more empowered–effortlessly so, simply from the trust that is being placed in me. And I know that all that I’ve been experiencing, by day and by night, it is all one and the same.

Sunlight Through the Pouring Rain

A rainy, peaceful day in New York today. I woke relishing the calm cleansing rain, which harmonized gloriously with my intention to nurture my need to clear myself and my space of the week(s) passed. No pressure, just flowing with each moment.

This evening I was guided to read my friend Sheryl’s blog on the energy of the day: December 12, 2010 — 12/12/10. I was very much aware of the date and the significance, but was more focused on simplying doing what was essential for me to do for myself. Turns out they were very much one and the same. Please read the Spirit Speaks post here: 12- 12 Special Offer.

While I didn’t wake up with an abundance of energy, I did have an intention to be gentle with myself all day and do as I felt guided to do. I was led to continue the reorganization and cleaning of my desk area at home, got rid of several things which serve no purpose any more, and was guided to put this lovely, rhinestoned picture frame…that was ladden with dust…to perfect use.

When I looked at it I knew…I need to make it my “vision board” to anchor in the house and the car that I have recognized to “be me.” Sounds very materialistic, I know. And yet there’s a feeling to it of manifesting “me” FULLY into the world. A car that completely reflects who I am, and a home that supports my spiritual and emotional needs: expansiveness AND coziness, light and joyfulness.

My dreams of late have been directly addressing being willing to receive, and in fact, being willing to stand up for what is rightly mine. No emotion to it–just standing up for me.

After making this inspiring and magically vision board (in a 5″ x 7″ frame) I took a nap. In this dream I was receiving bids on this house, seeming to work for the realtor. Although I knew I’d get a commission if it sold, I knew that more than the commission, I wanted the house.

No emotional attachment to the money itself; deep attachment to the experience of finding the perfect expression of my frequency to live within and to move through the world in.

Being guided to read Sheryl’s piece tonight awakened me to the significance of what happened today, like sunlight through the pouring rain 🙂 Everything was already here. The dream today, and the other truly powerful ones I’ve been having the last week or so…all these experiences powerful unto themselves, but some how I felt them to be too insignificant to share. As Denise La Fey writes about in her recent posts, there are many ways in which the Dark can confront the growing Light–it seems, one of them is to convince you its not that big a deal.

Thank you Ladies for helping me see the rain, enjoy the rain, and see the Light through it All.

Side note: when going online to find an appropriate image of “sunlight through the rain” the first images that came up were this:

precisely where our Home awaits...

Progress Report

Last night’s sleep state was something of a progress report for me. This actually comes on the heels of an important waking recognition.

On Thursday evening I suddenly became aware of just why I felt so good about where I work. All the usually sited reasons apply: purposeful, greatly appreciated by clients and co-workers alike. Good balance between meaningful work and playful moments where we can have fun–just being a bit lighthearted, even in the midst of very difficult circumstances. What I recognized, however, was that for the first time ever I found myself in a support role in which I was an equal!

I have been in support roles for a good portion of my work life, and in managerial roles for even longer. I vastly prefer support roles to managing people. It better suits my temperament and well-being. In my current situation, I realized, that I am truly regarded as an equal. I have certainly felt myself to be an equal since I returned to supportive roles in 2007, thanks to a healthy sense of self and accomplishment. And while I garnered respect for my skill, knowledge and abilities I wasn’t in the other positions long enough, or perhaps it was the people and the organizations, but I was not regarded as an “equal.”

Not that I simply fell into this scenario in my current position, I certainly earned it, but even this is a tremendously rare experience, at least at this point in human history. I certainly hope that it is a glimpse of things to come.

In fact to take it a step further, the support role is analagous to the feminine aspect, compared to the masculine leadership roles, in which I also include specialist/professional roles. And for the first time, I am experiencing truly equal status with the entire staff.  Granted some may still experience flashes of intellectually-based elitism, however what comes across to me on a feeling level is an acceptance and appreciation that my contributions are equally vital to the success of our mission. What an immense feeling this is!


So on the heels of this recognition, I had some sleep state realizations last night as well. First I found myself very happily in the new vehicle I’ve been desiring. Shortly after however I was pulled over by a meter maid who told me I needed to get new plates. While I thought I simply needed to change the plates from my current vehicle, which are personalized and reflect who I have been for a good 10 years, I realized for the first time that this new vehicle must reflect my current identity. Don’t ask me what that is at this point–I haven’t a clue :D, but at least now I will be alert and not assume that simply transferring from one car/life for another without changing “it all” will do.

Immediately after this new awareness I found myself once again working on my sleep-time mission of downloading information and producing a report of some sort. For the first time I recall that I am in fact making progress. Whereas before when I began to remember my recurring dreams, I only had a pull to “get to this work” that always seemed to be on the backburner.

Not long after, I became aware that these dreams were actually reflecting a spiritual mission and the specialized computer was relocated into an otherwise empty, modern building, despite the computer itself being ancient, and both the computer and required database were cleansed and optimized.

Last night I became fully aware that not only had the report been downloading for a while, it was almost ready to be printed. I also realized that this is only the first of at least two reports. At this particular time at least, I cannot download and print simultaneously, but it does seem I am on the verge of finally seeing something of this report that I am to be working with–very exciting, even though in this moment I haven’t a clue as to what I need to do with it when I actually have it in front of me.  I suppose that will be clear when it needs to be also. And I’m thinking that I will then have a better sense of what my new license plate should say 😉


Remember me?

Remember me? I’m the one you left behind. I’m the one you couldn’t find. I’m the one who’s tired of tryin’.

And where were you? Over there, over here. Everywhere, but no where near.

Why, I ask were you afraid, to taste the life we could have made? Together we were meant to be, you and me, and sanity.

Now what, I ask? Is this the life, the one I dreamed, the one I sliced…from pieces of the you and me, the ones that we were meant to be? And there I look and there I see the me and you in front of me.

When will you see, when will I know, that we are I and you are us

and never has there been the trust that together we can create the life, that we deserve-you and us.

Rockwell Girl in the Mirror

Building Trust

My cat Amber and I just had a nice little chat about Trust. Amber and her sister April were “delivered to me” in dream state by my then, recently passed 15-year-old kitty, Mushroom. It’s a long story, perhaps for another time, but there is absolutely no question in my mind that these two kittens were meant to be with me.

Amber enjoying some sisterly grooming from April

What’s more I believe Amber IS Mushroom. There are several reasons why I believe this, including that Mushie made the etheric match in the first place, but one of the more powerful reason is that with both of them I had to allow for the building of trust. Like Mushroom, Amber has/had trust issues. Mushroom was nearly 4 months old when I got her, and she lived most of that time caged in the vets office. However I adopted Amber and April when they were 9-weeks-old, so there was no apparent reason she should have trust issues, unless of course she came in to this life with these issues, in order to clear them, just as Mushroom did.

So as I chatted with Amber just now ( 😉 ) , realizing this did make me wonder why she would come back again so soon to re-learn that lesson. [Perhaps I’m just “known” now in the feline realm as a good builder of trust so I came recommended??]

This got me to thinking just what had and again is taking place with these cats, and with me as well. At least with my conscious experiences with Mushroom and now Amber, I realized that I seem to have a knack for building trust. Amber pointed out that I trust fairly easily. I must admit I do feel protected, and while I grew up in a household where victim mentality was prevalent and trust was rarely on the radar, I seem to have come away with a trusting outlook nonetheless. And I must add, I cannot recall having been burned. Has it happened? I would imagine so. But if it did, it clearly didn’t leave much of an impression, let alone a scar 🙂 .

So I asked Amber what is it that is happening that enables that building of trust? And I could feel how both with Mushroom then, and Amber now, I just loved them. And I let them decide how much love they were ready to receive. And I was okay with however much that was. Sometimes I would “stretch” their ability to receive a little more by holding them an extra 5 or 10 seconds after they started to squirm away. But that’s about it. Love them up close when they can handle it, love them from farther way when they can’t. (Not to get God-like now or anything, but it does sound like descriptions I’ve heard about how God relates to us. That would be a pretty good role-model I should think 😀 )

I can’t believe that I am the only one who does this either, for sure! But for some reason I felt the need to share, in that sometimes what is obvious to one, is far from obvious to another.

This whole “conversation” has me reflecting on how this applies within human-to-human relationships. Do I do this with humans also? Is this truly what is required to build trust with other humans?? Is this Trust, or is this Love? Is there a difference? Can one truly have one without the other?

What do you think? Something to ponder…

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