Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times


If you spend any time reading this blog, you will hear me speak of “gifts” rather often. Some might say I look for the silver lining in any situation, however I believe it goes well beyond that notion.

After years of reflection upon life, observing my own and others, I truly believe that there are gifts in every situation, you have but to recognize and receive them. Despite my ability to recognize gifts with ease, I am truly amazed at the Universal Gift I slipped into nearly 9 months ago.

I say Universal because everyone involved is giving and receiving gifts, small and large. This is the gift of Connect to Care–the place where I am blessed to work.

This program was born to meet the needs of the local community that have been profoundly affected by the current economic downturn. When we began no one knew whether people would actually show up. Thinking about that concern now makes me laugh out loud and shake my head! They have and continue to show up at an ever-increasing rate.

And its no surprise that they do. People who come are met with warmth and support, receive a variety of services, all of which are designed to help and support their needs and fears. What people experience is an atmosphere which is professional and caring–nurturing and grounding.

Often times we hear within an hour of a new clients being there how wonderful it is to have a place like this to come to, how relaxing the atmosphere is, the caliber of people they meet (they are referring to other clients, as well as staff), and the gushing goes on and on. I share this only to give context to this Gift, not to applaud myself, the rest of our small staff or the organizations which sponsor and support the program.

It is VERY clear there are tremendous gifts to clients–we hear about them on a daily basis, receive written testimonials, and of course, we all celebrate when someone has landed a job, avoided eviction and the like.

Yet what no one anticipated are the priceless gifts that staff and volunteers are receiving. Within a few months of opening our doors we had a staff meeting which included a few agency executives and a board member. It turned into a love fest!! What began as giving feedback about this new program naturally evolved into an open expression of gratitude for what we were receiving as a result of working there. What’s more each of us had come to recognize that in some way, this program was challenging us to overcome personal limitations in a big way.

Now several months further down the line, each of us is moving well beyond those limitations and experiencing personal transformations that are most certainly gifts–gifts we’ve received by stepping up to the challenge and facing our own fears and limitations.

Volunteers are getting to bear witness and participate in the synchronicity and synergy that happens when people come together in support of one another, and they are inspired to do even more. Is it any wonder that this gift that keeps on giving is growing?

It feels to me that because of all the miracles that have happened, more are happening and with increasing frequency (dare I pun, because of the increasing vibrational frequency). It’s a growing thing!

..there is magic happening here…


Yesterday I commented on my boss’ beautiful scarf. It seems she made it from a very special knobby yarn, in large stripes of colors which are both muted and vibrant at the same time. She jumped at the chance to give it to someone who admired it, as she had originally made it for someone else. I was very touched.

Before I left for the day I went to the ladies room to look at myself in the mirror with the scarf on. Oh my! It took my breath away. And the first thought which came to mind was “I’ve earned my stripes!” Many years ago I had read that during this time of transition into the 7th Golden Age lightworkers will earn their stripes, which becomes part of their aura, telling all they encounter that they were part of this grand experiment on Earth.

I believe we are all earning our stripes here, and now I can begin to see my own. 🙂 Thank you, Anita!



  slowvelder wrote @

This sounds so awesome! I have felt the need for so long to get involved with something like this – I need to move on it. Thanks for the nudge!

  MiahChat wrote @

Great article. Gift is a blessing we receive and any blessing we should always give thanks and be greatfull whether it is big or small. Gratitude is the best attibute.

  helenaack wrote @

Please consider me a member out here in the country. A friend and I talked through her discouragement. After failing to get necessary information from her bank, and a automated number of hoops to jump through, she went home and prayed. She asked to get her call through, and the information, without problems. She called me to tell me a real person answered the phone, and gave her the needed info within 3 minutes. She did it, and her faith in her way of life is renewed. About all I did was to be here for her.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Sounds like you were a gift for her.

  Helena Ackley wrote @

writing again, it is as if my everyday life is a stream of these gifts, to and from me, but each is different as your cliehts are all with different lives and needs. The gifts to you are beyond your expectations, as mine are too, without a career, but with the life I am living. Your newest messages reflect this in your life and well as in your work. Bless you. Helena

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