Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times


So much  has happened in 2011 and 2012 which have occupied every waking, and many sleeping moments. Rather than my silence here being a reflection of little or no transition occurring, the truth is that it has been so great as to leave my head spinning, my mind and body tired, and my emotional self spent. As complex changes, that have been driven seemingly from outside forces, have been non-stop since last May, I rarely had the time to reflect on their lessons and nature in writing—let alone the “exquisite gift” it held. There are numerous drafts of posts I’ve started and abandoned on Word Press to prove it 🙂


I began this post by attempting to share the most recent gift, and yet more than two weeks have passed before getting back to it. In the meanwhile, the post has morphed.

I have come to the conclusion that due to the extreme acceleration of time and the compressed nature of experience, the “time” for sharing these insights has passed. Perhaps this blog will morph again, however for now, experiences move so very quickly that there is no nailing it down long enough to reflect and express its nature in this forum. I find that if I’m lucky, I can verbally share an insight with one or two others, before even more profound experiences take their place. These things occur (at least for me) so instantaneously, making room for the next experience, and the next, that any attempt at journaling them is fruitless.

I will leave this blog in place for now, should anyone trip over it and find value or inspiration here. For those who have joined me during the short life of this blog, I thank you and have very much enjoyed reading your contributions also.

Wishing you well on this ever-accelerating journey through life. May you always be mindful of the exquisite nature of every day!

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