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Have You Been Told…?

May you be as nourished and nurtured by this as I have been…



  tasinator wrote @

Interesting that you chose that one. I met with my boss this week to begin setting up my goals for the year, and I told her that one thing that I wished she would do, was to try to make more of an effort to say, “Great job…” or “Good job…” or something. Rather than just pointing out the flaws and goofs. I explained that sometimes I much preferred a pat on the back to a pay raise, and I saw how surprised she was. But money isn’t everything, if what you’re doing isn’t appreciated.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

It’s amazing how many people still are oblivious to the need to nurture and recognize others. Glad you had the wisdom to express that need.

  Helena Ackley wrote @

When my son was still in school to become a Dr.of psychology, he was given an assignment to attend patients in a mental institution. The assignment was to smile at each person and make eye contact. It still gives me goose pimples to remember how impressed with how much good this did for everyone, some made eye contact who were not doing so at all, and most were really helped.

I think it helped him to become the kind of doctor he is today.

Another, in his first apprenticeship, he was called upon by the police to go into jail cell with a prisoner who was going ballistic. They just locked him in with him. He said he had no idea what to say or to do. But, he told the man that he had no idea what he was doing there, and asked what was going on. The man started yelling his take on what was wrong, and then gradually calmed down and talked in earnest. He actually began to communicate, and Bob just listened. Finally the man said that he was feeling better, and thanked him, and Bob left with the police just taking it all for granted, as he was a Doctor, who had not even given the guy any medications.

And it is so basic to life, to care, to listen, and to appreciate people for who they are. We can start it, and others respond.

That was a lovely video, thanks for sharing, Sylvia,.

I liked your friend telling the boss what she did and sharing it as her response.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Such simple, yet profound actions. Sounds like your son was very lucky to have instructors who understood the importance of these “simple,” yet too often overlooked actions which nurture connection and validation.

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