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Gift of the Seven Sisters

The evening came and the Sisters met

their Brother, though, they did not forget

The room in violet surrounded all

to take them higher than before

As softness settled and whispers told

of stories as events unfold

A Gift is needed said the one, for

Brother and his Beloved one

Ah yes, of course, but what they pondered

when one of the Sisters began to wander

A dish of pebbles made of glass

in many colors, did cross her path

The Sacred Runes, came the plea

upon these stones were meant to be

Have we enough the Sisters asked

as they set themselves to the task

The count began in knowledge that

the outcome would decide the fact

Would the Sisters be at all surprised

if the pebbles numbered 25?

Eighteen, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-four

alas and alack, they needed one more

The Unknown, the Blank, all knew was needed

all Sisters in awe that their Gift was delivered

Again one searched to find just the stone

that would complete the Runes and be the


When into her hand jumped nothing but,

the stone that a Master could not better have


As slick and a smooth as the others they’d been given

only this stone of Rose Quartz, truly from


For the Brother and his Beloved were to marry you see,

and Rose Quartz balances the heart,


Thus in motion the project was set

as each chose the task she was destined to


And so dear Brother and Sister-to-Be,

the history of this Gift

for Thee

shamballa9944  5/7/86


Awakening Your Light Body by DaBen and Orin

In the spirit of releasing what is no longer needed and opening the doorway for newness, I am following an urge to purge…my bookcases that is. Among the things I’ve held onto for too long is a marvelous tape set that I purchased and used many years ago, “Awaking Your Light Body” by DaBen and Orin.

I am selling this six volume series, each volume has 6 tapes and 12 meditations. In addition there is a home study course manual, which I have used and has my notes in it, but you can certainly still extract the directions and questions to be answered from it. As part of this set I will also include a 2-tape set, also entitled Awakening Your Light Body, Level One  (Preparatory).

Volume I of VI

Your light body is an energy body that exists at a higher level, closer to your soul, than your chakras. You have seven vibrational energy body centers and three light body centers, for a total of ten centers that power and make up your light body.

The volume is called, Building Your Power Base, introduces the first three vibrational energy body centers (not chakras). With these first three centers you can regulate the amount of energy you take in from your environment, change less harmonious energies into higher ones and use all the energy around you to go higher. This is the power base of your light body.

The second volume is Opening Your Heart Center. You learn the fourth center with these meditations and it regulates the flow of energy into your upper centers. As you work with these centers, you may experience a stronger sense of personal power, ability to control your emotions, stay centered and release old blocks and stuck emotional energy, and respond with love and compassion.

The third volume, Activating Your Higher Energy Centers, takes you to the higher mental realms and other dimensions that are beyond time and space. As you work with these centers you can add light to your thoughts, open your channel to the higher dimensions, and connect with the higher aspects of the Universal Mind. You can experience many illumined states of awareness.

The fourth volume is for Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies. You will learn how to create harmony and flow and how to combine certain centers to create specific heightened states of awareness. You will learn how to work with relationship and abundance issues as energy, bringing abundance and love into your life more easily. You will work with opening your channel to your Higher Self or guide.

The fifth and sixth volumes are Awakening Your Light Body and Becoming Radiant. Using these tapes your three light body centers will be awakened. You will become a greater and greater radiating source of light as you work with the light body centers. The light you radiate will create changes without your even trying — the people, situations and things you draw to you will be more aligned with your higher purpose.

Your light body opens doorways to the higher realms of light, such as the soul plane. As you awaken your light body you will learn how to get into states of consciousness where you can more easily choose actions that reflect the light of your soul and higher self. You can experience many illumined states of awareness in these journeys; states of consciousness that are deeply insightful, blissful, and take you beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness. In these states you can see, sense, or feel the expansive energies of the higher dimensions and make them a part of your daily life.

You can research this series, still being sold in a number of places for $89 – $99 per volume, although in download or CD format, . For more information check out: Awakening Your Light Body Series.

Granted what I have to offer here is old technology audiotapes, but the results are the same! I would love to make these tapes available to someone who would truly appreciate their worth and use them to raise their vibrational frequency!

I am asking $222 plus the cost of shipping to you (to be determined at time of sale). If $222 is too much to plunk down all at once, contact me and we can work something out.

Time Fade

People have spoken of this for decades, probably longer. This point in our history we are moving into No Time–a period when time ceases to be experienced as it was in the past. How does that work? I’m certainly not sure, however I believe I maybe getting a glimpse into this way of living.

Perception of time has become even more ephemeral than in the “past.” When a day off or some off-schedule type of occurrence interrupts the usual flow of a routine, it’s not unusual to feel like its “a Monday,” or Friday or Sunday, whatever.

No Time

However, I have noticed that my sense of time is slipping so far away from me that I cannot recall if something happened a few hours ago, yesterday or last week. This seems to be my new norm. I suppose it’s a habit to attempt to place an experience in some sort of time frame. I hope to soon release that tendency and just get to the experience, because that is all that really matters.

Responsibility Police

It seems I have a life lesson to learn and I need some help in understanding just what that is. For the second time in precisely 5 months I’ve fallen and hit my head. Thankfully this time it ended up as a bruise and an abrasion, rather than a cut and a trip to the ER. At least the lessons are not escalating, so hopefully, perhaps with your help, I can understand what I need to learn to move forward, without a further konk on the noggin!

In both instances I failed to see the impending danger. The first time was black ice that was untreated in a parking lot; today’s was an exposed bracket at floor level (in a parking structure!) that I did not see, tripped over and stumbled chin first into a pole.

Aside from my perception that there is negligence on the part of the property owners for these conditions, there is also the common thread of parking areas, me slipping or tripping, and hitting my head hard on the left side of my body. Last time I also hurt my left shoulder; this time I scrapped my left knee.

In attempting to gain perspective on this emerging pattern, I sought out opinions on “accidents.” I have long since given up any notion about “coincidences” or “accidents.” But I am doing my utmost to understand what my lesson is here. I came across this interesting and insightful article:  http://hubpages.com/hub/Accidents-Arent-Accidental.

I have to say that the reactions from others to the first accident was a bit mixed. Most very concerned, but there was a sense that the men who actually witnessed it were very unconcerned, unhelpful and cold-hearted. Afterward there were women who went out of their way to come to my aid.

Today everyone was very helpful. The people who saw and came upon me were concerned and were assessing me for what kind of help I required. The fact that I wasn’t bleeding profusely was a big difference between this time and the first time.

What was truly heartwarming was the response from the people who worked in the parking garage office–all men. They were all sincerely concerned for my well-being, their hearts were open and they were not in the least defensive or needlessly concerned about liability. They were very genuine in extending themselves to make sure I was okay.

The manager said as I was driving off, “Drive safely. We love you.” What? Were it not for the sincerity that he said it with I would have totally written it off as going over the top to keep me happy. But the expression felt truly genuine.

So this certainly brings to mind what Sherri Cortland writes in her article about the “relationship villain”–the one ostensibly responsible for the accident, is actually one we have been very close to in spirit. While none of these three men were personally responsible for my accident, they certainly represent the company that is responsible for the condition of the structure.

So is it about responsibility? I have long been one to accept personal responsibility. Yet for both these incidents I find it hard to ignore that there are others that are being irresponsible and placing people at risk. It has made it very difficult for me to assume responsibility for my failing to notice the risks myself and avoid the “accident.”

After my fall on black ice I was very angry when ice continued to be left untreated for several days after my accident. I do not feel the same level of anger about these metal brackets on the floor in the garage, however I do feel they are hazards that should be taken care of.

But is it my responsibility to get them to take responsibility? Maybe that’s part of the lesson for me. I am not the responsibility police. Perhaps I have played the role, if only in my head, for a long time, and by doing this, failing to notice my own.

A few months back I had an incident near my home. On some of the back roadways there are a number of stop signs. On this one day I slowed down but didn’t technically come to a complete stop, as there was no one close enough to the intersection to “stop for” and the other roads also had stop signs. However, this man saw me fail to come to a full stop…and sped up, running his stop sign…so he could tell me I didn’t come to a complete stop! He kept yelling, “you didn’t stop, you had a stop sign and you didn’t come to a complete stop.” To which I pointed out that he completely ran through HIS stop sign! I thought about this for days. And now I think about this again. Have I been running my own stop signs, rushing to point out other people’s errors? Very possibly.

Time to Heed the Warnings

So, I think I will make a point of taking responsibility for where I place my feet, and not assume that everyone will be responsible for leaving things in ideal conditions for others. I will shift my focus from what “they” failed to do, and take responsibility for what I failed to do. Tough pill to swallow, but that is my intention. Wish me luck 😀 !

Sleeping – Puttering – Seed-Planting Kinda Day

Some days are strange…today was one of them.

It started last night actually when no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get to sleep. Not really problem as there was nothing I had to do or anywhere I had to be this morning. But the whole day shifted as a result. I finally fell asleep around 4 am.

When I woke around 8:30 I was still tired but again didn’t feel I could just go back to sleep. That’s when the first “strange” hit me: my husband was no where to be found! Very unusual for him these days. So I had to phone him find out that he too had a strange night and had to get out to move around as his legs were bothering him. “Okay, just so I know.”

After checking email etc for a bit, puttering here and there, I sat down with my DH at the computer and started an online application that he’s been needing to initiate. I was keen on taking advantage of the New Moon energy we are still in which is very potent and positive.

After this one foray into the bureaucracy of this 3D reality, we both felt sleepy enough to try to get some more sleep. So at 10:30 or so I lay down for a nap….until 2:30! For me, highly irregular! And what made it truly “strange” was the dream. In the “dream” I felt like I had was feeling very out of sorts and could not keep my eyes open. [I believe that I had a hard time re-entering my body on this “strange” day. I could not wake up!]

Struggling to Get Back In

In the “dream” I ended up feeling my way around, trying to do things like prepare a meal for my family without being able to see for more than brief moments at a time. It went on so long that we spoke about whether or not I needed to be taken to the hospital as something was clearly “wrong.” I was feeling out of it and very clear that I was not right some how.

Thankfully something clicked and I quickly realized that I had been struggling to wake up in my body, not just in my mind. I quickly was able to move ahead, but the feeling of being “out of it” took a little longer to shake.

Continuing the sleeping-puttering pattern the day had taken on, I decided to take out the garbage. Normally, nothing noteworthy about that. Today, I walk out and notice that the apartment next door was having an open house.

The place has been on the market for a year. New realtor, new hopes for a deal…and a half an hour conversation that was less than enlightening, but very much a feeling of a seed being planted for a future opportunity–an opportunity to bring me a buyer for my place just when I need it. Hmmm. Okay, I like that.

And now that I think of it, this was actually the SECOND communication with a realtor on this strange day. When I woke this morning I had a pull to email the broker for this house I’ve been keeping my eye on in Sedona.

Since returning from Sedona much of my focus and intention has been on creating an opportunity for us to move to and create a life in Sedona. I had some questions regarding this particular house and the market there, and got a very quick response to my questions.

I have NEVER made contact with a realtor who’s listing I’ve seen online! Understand, house hunting online has been a longtime hobby of mine. I am always looking for what would make a place “perfect” for us, considering the needs of all concerned. But this was “first contact” with a broker over a particular house.

For me this was another seed being planted: I was telling the Universe, I’m serious. I was taking the risk of making contact, knowing that I can’t see the “how” from where I am, but the intention is pure and strong.

So here I am at the end of this sleeping-puttering-seed planting day, having spoken to a Realtor about buying, another about selling, and helping my DH set into motion his next step as well.

On what I’ve been told was a picture perfect Spring Day, it seems that both my honey and I have been drifting in and out of this dimension, flowing with the energies of the moment and the day, taking some baby steps…and now we wait for further direction. 😉



A fellow blogger wrote yesterday about her rediscovery of a lesson of seeing life and loved ones through a filter of anger. Such filters by definition are invisible to us until we make a decision to shift perspectives. Many of us know this, have created this awareness in our lives, and yet we are gifted opportunities to experience it at ever deeper levels.

Often times lessons come in layers. We may learn something intellectually. Then it’s followed by a personal experiential learning. And yet, often times even that is not enough. Perhaps its not as powerful, not as near and dear to us. If we haven’t gotten it, we continue to create the circumstances which invite us to truly learn at a profoundly deep level, and our wisdom and  vibrational frequency increases.

I question if it ever truly stops, this integration of these things we already “know.” This is the spiritual push-back that we create — the gift of exquisite discovery and profound awareness as we emerse ourselves in the purity of energy in motion (e-motion).

Hitting Pause

The strangest thing happened Wednesday night. I was watching something on TiVo when I needed to get up to do something. So without thinking I hit the PAUSE button, and in that instant everything stopped. I felt it.

I looked at the clock, it was off. Then I heard all the electronics clicking off: it seems the power failed.

Certainly not a terribly unusual occurrence. And we’d had electricians working in the building that day. In fact, they were “supposed” to work in our apartment on Wednesday, but our downstairs neighbors refused to allow them access, so it will have to be rescheduled.

But the timing… and the feeling. It felt like I did it. Inadvertently. The timing was instantaneous. Coincidence? Perhaps. In someone else’s universe, a non-event. But in my Universe, as I experienced it…I paused everything for exactly a half an hour.

Very weird.

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