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Sunlight Through the Pouring Rain

A rainy, peaceful day in New York today. I woke relishing the calm cleansing rain, which harmonized gloriously with my intention to nurture my need to clear myself and my space of the week(s) passed. No pressure, just flowing with each moment.

This evening I was guided to read my friend Sheryl’s blog on the energy of the day: December 12, 2010 — 12/12/10. I was very much aware of the date and the significance, but was more focused on simplying doing what was essential for me to do for myself. Turns out they were very much one and the same. Please read the Spirit Speaks post here: 12- 12 Special Offer.

While I didn’t wake up with an abundance of energy, I did have an intention to be gentle with myself all day and do as I felt guided to do. I was led to continue the reorganization and cleaning of my desk area at home, got rid of several things which serve no purpose any more, and was guided to put this lovely, rhinestoned picture frame…that was ladden with dust…to perfect use.

When I looked at it I knew…I need to make it my “vision board” to anchor in the house and the car that I have recognized to “be me.” Sounds very materialistic, I know. And yet there’s a feeling to it of manifesting “me” FULLY into the world. A car that completely reflects who I am, and a home that supports my spiritual and emotional needs: expansiveness AND coziness, light and joyfulness.

My dreams of late have been directly addressing being willing to receive, and in fact, being willing to stand up for what is rightly mine. No emotion to it–just standing up for me.

After making this inspiring and magically vision board (in a 5″ x 7″ frame) I took a nap. In this dream I was receiving bids on this house, seeming to work for the realtor. Although I knew I’d get a commission if it sold, I knew that more than the commission, I wanted the house.

No emotional attachment to the money itself; deep attachment to the experience of finding the perfect expression of my frequency to live within and to move through the world in.

Being guided to read Sheryl’s piece tonight awakened me to the significance of what happened today, like sunlight through the pouring rain 🙂 Everything was already here. The dream today, and the other truly powerful ones I’ve been having the last week or so…all these experiences powerful unto themselves, but some how I felt them to be too insignificant to share. As Denise La Fey writes about in her recent posts, there are many ways in which the Dark can confront the growing Light–it seems, one of them is to convince you its not that big a deal.

Thank you Ladies for helping me see the rain, enjoy the rain, and see the Light through it All.

Side note: when going online to find an appropriate image of “sunlight through the rain” the first images that came up were this:

precisely where our Home awaits...

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