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We are the Rainbow People: Fulfilling Inca Prophecy

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The Inca Prophecy
by Peruvian Spiritual Messenger Willaru Huayta

“We have been waiting five hundred years. The Inca prophecies say that now, in this age, when the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken. The eagles of the North cannot be free without the condors of the South.

Now it’s happening. Now is the time. The Aquarian Age is an era of light, an age of awakening, an age of returning to natural ways. Our generation is here to help begin this age, to prepare through different schools to understand the message of the heart, intuition, and nature. Native people speak with the Earth. When consciousness awakens, we can fly high like the eagle, or like the condor…

Ultimately, you know, we are all native, because the word native comes from nature, and we are all parts of Mother nature. She is inside us, and we are inside her. We depend totally on the Earth, the Sun, and the Water. We belong to the evolution of nature in our physical bodies. But we also have a spiritual body that comes from the Sun, not the Sun you can see with two eyes, but another Sun that lies in another dimension, a golden Sun burning with the fire of spiritual light. The inner light of humans emanates from this spiritual source. We came to Earth from this Sun to have experiences on Earth, and eventually we will return to this Sun. We are Children of the Sun.

The most important thing now is to awaken the consciousness in a positive form. The ascended masters have returned to unify the consciousness of the children of Earth through their messages of unity, harmony and love for this new solar era. We thank the masters of the White Brotherhood for guiding us and facilitating the communication with other worlds in this message to all seekers of the Light.” Look for God in others.“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.” (end)

“In many indigenous cultures, Star beings are called “Rainbow People”, the rainbow race of colors living in peace and harmony on earth. When a Qero high priest from Peru was asked . . . , he explained that the Star Beings/Rainbow People are all of us. We are entering an age of meeting ourselves again, called the Taripaypacha. Our star essence is an elaborate light-coding system in DNA. Our DNA is light, color, and sound. We are re-connecting to our star selves and entering self-empowerment. This allows us to connect our light body with the advanced beings who can guide us to understand more of the higher dimensions of true being and divine light.” – from Stargate by James Jereb


Sinking Into Neutral… (Part I)

You just have no idea!

My life has done a 180 in 6 weeks time!! I went from chronic exhaustion to boundless energy for a multi-verse of major life changes–simultaneously! And I can still laugh, and talk and joke and seem to be able to handle it all.

Every step along the way has had its miracle, has created a spiritual thesis of sorts, handling this multi-verse of experiences pretty much in tact–by trusting, by feeling the signs, and being able to instantly suss out the next best action to spin into motion… until another sign comes along.

And now I have had an awakening that I’ve been feeling bubbling up for several days: I’m sinking into neutral…and I feel like I’m suffocating.  A literal embodiment of buying a new home which is “upgraded with neutrals.” While I can see beauty in them, I feel they draw the life energy from me!

So this evening I stand in my pastel blue,  lavender and white bathroom, thinking about my lavender-white colored living room, and deep green and white bedroom balanced with a wood clad wall… I recognize the ethereal space I created here which I loved…but have also been suffocating in (size and breadth)… and what I’ve been feeling for days and hit me full force tonight…after years of relentless inner craving for a larger home and outdoor space…I have one, just like that…and I’m surrounded by earth-tones. (Gasp!)

For days my husband I have been talking about how to make it our own…and even he expressed the desire to paint our new bedroom the same color as we’ve had it for years! And as I contemplate the changes I’d like to make to this room and that…I begin to question, am I supposed to be bringing that energy to the new house? Some how I feel…No. Yet that is not what my ego wants!  What? My ego?? Really??? I’m not seeing how in this moment…but I feel that is truth.

Okay,  now I’m confused!

Did I say “an Upgrade to NEUTRAL”????? ! Are you/Am I saying that the mass’ love affair with Neutral is an Upgrade?? Now I don’t mean to offend, but I have long felt strongly (really, STRONGLY?…could be ego…hhmmm) that Neutral has a low vibrational frequency. This is going to take me quite a while to feel my way through!!!

Circling Around

So I’ve been having this series of dreams for many months now, ones in which my husband returns after long periods of being AWOL, or ones in which I’m in the midst of one of these periods where he is gone, when I’m truly feeling the loss. There were times when he taunted me with his disdain, and other times when he took for granted that it would be okay with me to simply “return” as if he’d never been away. Anger, hurt and deep loss have been prominent emotions for me during this series. I have come to see these dreams as tapping into alternate aspects of myself and my husband that I am integrating into my consciousness–painful though they are. Several nights ago things went a step further.

This time I knew my husband had a one night stand or brief fling with a younger woman, although I also knew that this was not someone he cared about. I was livid! I reacted violently towards him, scratching, beating, clawing at him…whatever I could do. Then, this girl showed up–with pictures! I grabbed them and looked at them (calmly, oddly enough) and wouldn’t let my husband see them. I ripped them up, then ripped into the girl.

As I was taking my scorn out on each of them I seemed to get a visual in front of me as to how I was injuring each on an energetic basis. It wasn’t really about physical injury. Neither fought back. Neither protested.


Upon waking I reflected for quite sometime on this “newest” alternate reality. It wasn’t until hours later that I was struck by the lingering “difference” that I was aware of in these dreams. In each of them my husband was at least 20 years younger, and far more cavalier towards me. What’s more I suddenly “knew” that in these dreams, I was his FIRST wife, whereas now, I am his second wife.

And yes, I must confess that I was with him before his marriage completely dissolved, and that I witnessed him treat his first wife in a way that I often times felt was insensitive, even hurtful (although nothing as blatant as I experienced in my dream).

So here I am, witnessing and participating in the same dynamic, taking on the other role and venting my wrath. And I am led to wonder if the physical issues that I went through 11 years ago, and that my husband struggled with for the last two are a result of this coming full circle, reaping the (self-inflicted) energetic and physical injuries that I inflicted on this “other woman.” No judgment about it, but it certainly gives me pause…

Let It Flow, or How Not to Get Stuck in Someone Else’s “Stuff”

I had a thyroid biopsy today and everything looks good. (More indepth analysis will be done, but the prelimary look-see was all good.) 

I had no anxiety, no fear, no concern whatsoever about this being anything but an exercise that one has to go through…until I got to the radiology place. When I got there I stepped into their restroom and was whallopped with unexpected and powerful emotions. The tears came before I knew it and kept flowing. Suddenly I was in a place of anxiety and fear of the future, of another medical crisis and the unknown.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

My husband tried to comfort me and I tried to deal with the feelings and the tears that simply would not stop, even while no thoughts ran through my head. It was at least another 1/2 hour before I was taken in and the preliminary test started when I had a knowing that these feelings were not my own. I was picking up on the thousands of people that come through the waiting room, often to be quietly released in its restroom. I was literally in a place of anxiety and fear. Instantly I experienced a shift within, my perspective changed, and I came back into my own. This confirmed for me that what I felt was not a sudden surge of suppressed fear, but a sensitivity to the imprints of the location–a location that clearly needs to be energetically cleared on a regular basis, but unfortunately the medical professionals there are oblivious to this level of contamination.

Sometime ago I began to recognize this state of “thought-free emotions” as something that just needs to be allowed to flow. Our penchant for trying to understand “why? what does this mean?” inhibits the energy-in-motion and is largely responsible for getting stuck in them. In allowing the emotion to flow and resisting the urge to ask “why,” I believe I was able to quickly let this e-motion to move through me, and then be open to the clarity that this energy was not “mine” — an important reminder for me of the energetic frequency of “place,” and the potential to get swept up in the imprinted emotions of those that came before.

Reminder to Self: Feeling Drained? Take it Literally!!

I don’t know how often I need to learn this lesson, but of course to lessen the self-recrimination, this 3D drama comprised a lot of “firsts” for me, so it is kind of understandable that I might not automatically think about being energetically ‘drained.’

After many months of deteriorating health complications post-cancer surgeries, my husband who stubbornly second guesses the doctors and at the same time tells me he’s not having surgery ever again, I finally arranged to bring him to the ER of the hospital where his surgeon operates out of.  He was admitted, found to have a massive infection, blocked and enlarged kidneys and bladder, and just a sordid mess. High drama, high emotion, heart-to-heart talks, he finally consents to another dreaded surgery. Whew.

So after months of watching him grow weaker and weaker, less and less capable of even the smallest things, dreading the surgery decision he will be forced to make, and terrified that he will stick to his promise to never do that again, I am at the brink of emotional collapse.

To reach a point where, with his permission and gratitude (!) I finally am in direct touch with 3 of 4 of his team of doctors, I am able to get a consensus that he needs to be hospitalized. After numerous phone calls, they finally agree on which hospital to bring him to, then I must take charge and tell him get up, we’re going to the ER–yes, now–certainly took a lot of my own energy reserves!

Energy Vampire

Getting him to see that the choices he’s been making over and over have consistently taken him on a road to declining health, and letting him know that I cannot fight for him any longer if he isn’t willing to choose health for himself–that I will just have to back off and contend with the heartache of watching him suffer and die. This ultimately left him to make a choice to live, and consent to surgery. It was equally important to me that he made the decision to have surgery, to choose health, for himself, not for me, which he did. He got all the questions answered that he needed, he had plenty of time before surgery to think about it and change his mind if he wished to. By the time surgery time came, he was begging to be knocked out because he could not take any more pain….oy! Not easy to be around.

So it’s easy to see with all this drama why I could just pass off my exhaustion on the tension, stress, adrenalin rushes, long hours, driving back and forth into the city, questions, conversations with multiple doctors, dealing with nurses, aides, family, friends, bills, and emotions, why no amount of sleep could reverse my exhaustion! After all, even though this hospital drama has been going on for 9-10 days, what has led to this has been going on for months.


So this morning, once again waking up exhausted, it finally hit me: he’s draining my energy! OMG, of course! I couldn’t be angry; I wasn‘t angry. Of course he’d look to me for “strength.” People say and do that all the time, particularly at a time like this. When I realized that it wasn’t just my physical presence that he clung to, or my emotional strength and mental clarity he counted on, it was my energy he was feeding off of… well, now the bells were ringing loudly!

So right then and there I decided, no more! No one had my permission to leach my energy, not even my DH. I lay down and scanned my field clearing “cobwebs” and then proceeded to remove several tubes which were draining off energy. I then focused on rebuilding my own reserve until it was at full strength, and reinforcing my auric field with an intention that it was impenetrable to those who would consciously or unconsciously seek to tap into my energy field.

Despite previous experiences using these techniques, I was still shocked at the profoundly remarkable energetic transformation! For the first time in MONTHS I felt more like myself. I had more energy than I had, certainly since he’d been in the hospital, and likely for many months before that! So much so that after spending 5 hours with him, plus the driving back and forth, I still had enough energy to do a few errands!

Also very interesting for me was being able to sustain this protective energy shield without compromising the love and care that I would freely shower upon him. I was consciously aware at one point as I sat next to him and held his hand for a while as we both closed our eyes, that I would allow energy to pass from my hand to his, without having my whole system exposed.

So once again I make a note to self: “Self! If you are feeling drained… Stop the drain! You are allowing it. Recharge, reinforce and remember!”

Maybe next time it wouldn’t take me quite so long…one can hope! LOL.

Sitting In Between

Since I have been home from work for a day and a half, getting a bit of rest only goes so far. Then its playing catch up on shows I have on TiVo, playing some online games, and then…?

Last weekend I had so much I wanted to have time to do, continue working a DVD series I have, trying new things on this blog and other things I can’t even remember anymore. Just like yesterday morning, a joy-filled, energized and happy morning–so much energy for so many wonderful things. And now, I have no sense of being pulled towards anything. I’m just sitting in between, waiting for some sense of where to direct my attention.

Come again?

Perhaps this is what yesterday’s fall was about. “Time Out.” Just sit there (lay there actually) until you are ready to move again. In the meanwhile, just Be. So I guess I’ll just turn off the TV, move away from the computer and just Be for a while…sitting in between.

Perceptions of Energy

It’s fascinating to me how perception is so completely subjective, even when there is objective truth that can suggest something very different. The last two weeks are a perfect example.

Since the last few weeks of 2009 things at work have become even busier than they were. Stress levels and activity were nonstop. This was especially true for the 2nd and 3rd week of January. And despite having Monday off for MLK day, last week was crazy busy.

This week was surprisingly, delightfully a calmer more relaxed week where I could get caught up and had some free time to actually have some conversations with a few clients without the familiar pull to get back to putting out this fire or that. This shift was felt and enjoyed by all.

And yet, the numbers tell a different story. We had more clients than the previous week, including more new clients, and we worked more days. Yet the week flew by, unlike the week(s) before, including the holiday week. There was something in the air that had a calmer energy to it. Things were far more manageable than they had been in the previous 5-6 weeks.

Often perception is very individualized, and yet at times like this, everyone picks up on the shift, despite the objective numbers which tell a different story. Must be something else going on here…a shift in energy.

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