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A Heavy Heart

Lately I have been experiencing what I can only call, “heart openings.”  In my work I come across peoples’ stories everyday. I don’t believe I’ve become hardened to them, because for years now I know that everyone’s story is their own, and we all have them. I have mine, you have yours, and we all deal with them. Some do so better than others. Some are just seeking sympathy. Does that mean I have a hardened heart, or that I recognize that we all have stuff that we need to deal with, some things were avoidable, some learn from mistakes, others don’t… see where I’m going with this?

Anyway, on Christmas Eve my husband and I were driving back from my parents house and we encountered an accident that just occurred on one of the country roads leading to the parkway. There were 2 or 3 cars pulled over to the side of the road. As I passed I saw a deer on the ground, lying there with her head up and turned over her shoulder, stunned…and alone. I felt so bad. All these people standing around on their phones, and this deer was hurt, and she was all alone. No one at her side. My heart still breaks as I think of it. I cried much of the way home. I sent her blessings and love. I felt when she was put down, my heart broke…

Oh, Deer...

Wednesday, I experienced the overwhelming pain of hundreds, perhaps thousands of people’s fear and anxiety of undergo diagnostic testing. The e-motions flowed through me, and my heart broke…

Today, with much focus on the coming snow, I got to work only to find out my boss slipped on black ice at a meeting last night, broke her leg in three places and dislocated her ankle! She will need surgery, and we can only anticipate a slow and painful recovery. All of us are in shock. My heart is breaking…

Since Christmas, my heart has been breaking…open. Each time I feel that while my heart is heavy, the heaviness comes from the love I feel–the pain I feel as the Love flows, even though the flow is ignited by sadness. I think of these things and the tears flow easily and my heart gets heavy with Love all over again.


Let It Flow, or How Not to Get Stuck in Someone Else’s “Stuff”

I had a thyroid biopsy today and everything looks good. (More indepth analysis will be done, but the prelimary look-see was all good.) 

I had no anxiety, no fear, no concern whatsoever about this being anything but an exercise that one has to go through…until I got to the radiology place. When I got there I stepped into their restroom and was whallopped with unexpected and powerful emotions. The tears came before I knew it and kept flowing. Suddenly I was in a place of anxiety and fear of the future, of another medical crisis and the unknown.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

My husband tried to comfort me and I tried to deal with the feelings and the tears that simply would not stop, even while no thoughts ran through my head. It was at least another 1/2 hour before I was taken in and the preliminary test started when I had a knowing that these feelings were not my own. I was picking up on the thousands of people that come through the waiting room, often to be quietly released in its restroom. I was literally in a place of anxiety and fear. Instantly I experienced a shift within, my perspective changed, and I came back into my own. This confirmed for me that what I felt was not a sudden surge of suppressed fear, but a sensitivity to the imprints of the location–a location that clearly needs to be energetically cleared on a regular basis, but unfortunately the medical professionals there are oblivious to this level of contamination.

Sometime ago I began to recognize this state of “thought-free emotions” as something that just needs to be allowed to flow. Our penchant for trying to understand “why? what does this mean?” inhibits the energy-in-motion and is largely responsible for getting stuck in them. In allowing the emotion to flow and resisting the urge to ask “why,” I believe I was able to quickly let this e-motion to move through me, and then be open to the clarity that this energy was not “mine” — an important reminder for me of the energetic frequency of “place,” and the potential to get swept up in the imprinted emotions of those that came before.



A fellow blogger wrote yesterday about her rediscovery of a lesson of seeing life and loved ones through a filter of anger. Such filters by definition are invisible to us until we make a decision to shift perspectives. Many of us know this, have created this awareness in our lives, and yet we are gifted opportunities to experience it at ever deeper levels.

Often times lessons come in layers. We may learn something intellectually. Then it’s followed by a personal experiential learning. And yet, often times even that is not enough. Perhaps its not as powerful, not as near and dear to us. If we haven’t gotten it, we continue to create the circumstances which invite us to truly learn at a profoundly deep level, and our wisdom and  vibrational frequency increases.

I question if it ever truly stops, this integration of these things we already “know.” This is the spiritual push-back that we create — the gift of exquisite discovery and profound awareness as we emerse ourselves in the purity of energy in motion (e-motion).

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