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Sinking Into Neutral… (Part I)

You just have no idea!

My life has done a 180 in 6 weeks time!! I went from chronic exhaustion to boundless energy for a multi-verse of major life changes–simultaneously! And I can still laugh, and talk and joke and seem to be able to handle it all.

Every step along the way has had its miracle, has created a spiritual thesis of sorts, handling this multi-verse of experiences pretty much in tact–by trusting, by feeling the signs, and being able to instantly suss out the next best action to spin into motion… until another sign comes along.

And now I have had an awakening that I’ve been feeling bubbling up for several days: I’m sinking into neutral…and I feel like I’m suffocating.  A literal embodiment of buying a new home which is “upgraded with neutrals.” While I can see beauty in them, I feel they draw the life energy from me!

So this evening I stand in my pastel blue,  lavender and white bathroom, thinking about my lavender-white colored living room, and deep green and white bedroom balanced with a wood clad wall… I recognize the ethereal space I created here which I loved…but have also been suffocating in (size and breadth)… and what I’ve been feeling for days and hit me full force tonight…after years of relentless inner craving for a larger home and outdoor space…I have one, just like that…and I’m surrounded by earth-tones. (Gasp!)

For days my husband I have been talking about how to make it our own…and even he expressed the desire to paint our new bedroom the same color as we’ve had it for years! And as I contemplate the changes I’d like to make to this room and that…I begin to question, am I supposed to be bringing that energy to the new house? Some how I feel…No. Yet that is not what my ego wants!  What? My ego?? Really??? I’m not seeing how in this moment…but I feel that is truth.

Okay,  now I’m confused!

Did I say “an Upgrade to NEUTRAL”????? ! Are you/Am I saying that the mass’ love affair with Neutral is an Upgrade?? Now I don’t mean to offend, but I have long felt strongly (really, STRONGLY?…could be ego…hhmmm) that Neutral has a low vibrational frequency. This is going to take me quite a while to feel my way through!!!


  tasinator wrote @

Each person has their own way of reaching balance (and decorating). I love white walls because they allow me to use brilliant fabrics, throw pillows, and area rugs. I exhibit my wonderful photos and my hubby’s colorful artworks against the plain white and the rooms come alive. To me, having white, beige, off-white, or “neutral” tones in a home are an open invitation to visit fabric stores, yard sales, and flea markets without having to mess with paints. So, decorate away…

As for bringing across the same colors from your current home to this one…we each bring with us the colors of our soul. The colors you describe sound as if you are focusing energies through your mind, heart, and crown chakras, and if you are still focusing your energies that way, then those colors are bound to make you feel comfortable. If, however, you wish to focus your energies through different chakras, then you would choose those colors.

I tend to mix blues (for my hubby) and purples/lavenders for myself, but always tossing in dark greens, bright yellows, deep crimsons, and some wonderful oranges just for life.

  Slowvelder wrote @

Good luck with your choices – its something that I battle with too.

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