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Inception: Time to Wake Up 1.11.11

Wow!! Brilliant, complex…and completely clear! This trailer does not do this film justice! For anyone who has consciously worked with their dreams, an amazing display that the world is ready to “awaken…”

Perfect timing for spreading the “wake up” call! [For some reason I can’t embed this so clicking below will take you to YouTube.

Remember to come back and tell me what you think–

AFTER you’ve seen the movie!



Layers within layers, my friends.




  shamballa9944 wrote @

I draw your attention to the date and time. I am in ET zone, and according to “my” date and time it was 11:11 on 1.10.11. NOT by conscious design mind you, I looked up after publishing it, and voila 11:11 pm. Yet, it was time stamped 1.11.11 12:12! Frickin- AMAZING!

  tasinator wrote @

A friend just recently rented it and loved it, so we have it on our list to download and view. thanks fot the link to the trailer, though.

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