Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Night Shifts

Heart openings by day, major shifts by night.

Major shifts have been happening in my “dream-life.”  Last night, for instance, I dreamt that my work place and my home were all in the same place, like living on a college campus. I was in a beautiful park-like setting enjoying the surroundings, knowing that there was some work I needed to do, yet there was no immediate pressure to do so, because I could opt to do it on my time. Work was not separate from life, it was a part of life. It felt wonderful and integrated.

Peace of Mind, Freedom to Roam...Following My Own Path

I was on my own, exploring my surroundings, in what felt like another country, when I came across a bar or a church (hard to tell which :D). Beautiful music was coming from within, inviting me to enter. Because my time was my own, I decided to explore and enjoy the moment, the music and the musicians. When the music ended the atmosphere changed and someone shone a spotlight on things happening on the ancient walls: leaves growing, insects landing, lights flickering, and a small frog.

Then I felt a sudden creepy feeling moving up my spine, and I knew it was a frog…a big one! I reached behind me and pulled it up and out. No sooner did I do so then again, another large frog was leaping up my spine. Again I pulled it out. I quickly pulled my shirt close around my neck, thinking this would prevent anything else from getting into my clothing.

I woke up, with full recall, and recognition that the experience of the frogs were more symbolic of taking leaps upward/forward and rising kundalini energies. What’s more, on reflection of this dream and its setting, I recalled another powerful “dream-experience” from the night before.

In that dream I received some kind of notice to go to the student center as something was “overdue.”  An ancient but simple “center” was there with two attendants and I explained that for several years I have been striving to find my schedule. I have attended classes I thought I had, but despite my attempts to get my schedule, I could not access it. I would go to this office, they’d send me to another, I wouldn’t be able to find the office, going in circles… I simply could not access my student schedule. And now here it was, covered in dust and dirt, which I was able to easily wipe off. I made it clear that whatever was “overdue” was not for lack of trying on my part, and I wanted to know exactly where to go if I needed to retrieve this again.

I don’t recall getting an answer, but what was astounding to me is that I had no recall of this until after wandering around these gardens, feeling its peace and freedom, and experiencing the “leaps” in increasing vibrational frequencies. After several years of “trying” to attend classes on a regular basis, searching and not having my curriculum, I was called by and found the right office, and handed my schedule! Major, major shift!

And here, the very next night, I am in this amazing University-type setting, bright sunshine, gorgeous gardens, knowing my life and my work are one, and that my time is my own.

It’s amazing when a recurring dream scenerio suddenly shifts completely. It is the clearest indicator I know that major transitions are occurring.

Today, after my double frog leapings, life and work integration (night shifts,) I got to work, where my boss is out of commission for the foreseeable future and was told by two people that I was in charge now (day shifts). I have no trouble making decisions–I’ve been in charge before in other jobs. I know that it will be a collaboration and that my boss will be back in the saddle, even from home just as soon as she’s able, but I feel somehow more empowered–effortlessly so, simply from the trust that is being placed in me. And I know that all that I’ve been experiencing, by day and by night, it is all one and the same.


  tasinator wrote @

great awareness, great lessons…glad that your life is following the path of happiness.

  Helena wrote @

How wonderful. I am getting impressions of an overdue result of lessons already learned. In my dream, a car, driven by a man, but with my foot on the throttle, going full speed, came to an abrupt stop at a severe drop off clff. I got out of the car, and jumped off the cliff, but found myself floating somwhere by myself. At the same time, I seemed to aslo observe from the cliff top, to see myself floating off. I wonder now about both points if view, but at the end, I was the one floating off. this dream was the night before last.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

I’m wondering how you felt floating off by yourself. The feeling, even more so than the action it what I take most of my cues from when integrating a dream.

And that you for your impression. It does resonante with me also. Time will tell 😉

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