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No Denying It!

I have been dealing with a woman at work for about 9 months now, who is seen by all as an albatross, but getting rid of her is very difficult as she “would rather fight than switch.” In other words, she would sue.

Friday afternoon, I was finishing a project of video taping numerous people for a presentation to be shown at an upcoming event. The last person was this woman in question. Sitting 3 feet away from her I was utterly appaulled at what I saw/heard/felt! Despite the pretext of what was supposed to come off as complimentary, what exuded from every cell of her was anger and hatred. She was lost within her own sphere of self-delusion and I was shaken to my core. It was never clearer to me than it was in that moment, and I’ve had my share of direct attacks, how blatantly she was broadcasting all of it! Whew, still reeling at bit when I think of it.

I am always reluctant to label anyone in such a negative manor. But there was no question and no denying what I recognized with every cell of my being–inspite of my resistance to seeing anyone as dark! Thanks to Denise Le Fay’s most recent post which allowed me to acknowledge that I can trust my senses, despite my preference not to see others so utterly steeped in the dark.

Is it any wonder?


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  shamballa9944 wrote @


This is a theme offered through wordpress.com. Thank you for your kind words.

  tasinator wrote @

Wow…I really empathize and understand. I’ve dealt with a few people like that throughout my life. It’s not easy, and it can destroy a whole department or company. Good luck and positive energies.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thanks Tas. I’m pretty clear on keeping my energy as clear of hers as possible. And no matter the masks she wears, I do not forget what’s behind it.

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