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Progress Report

Last night’s sleep state was something of a progress report for me. This actually comes on the heels of an important waking recognition.

On Thursday evening I suddenly became aware of just why I felt so good about where I work. All the usually sited reasons apply: purposeful, greatly appreciated by clients and co-workers alike. Good balance between meaningful work and playful moments where we can have fun–just being a bit lighthearted, even in the midst of very difficult circumstances. What I recognized, however, was that for the first time ever I found myself in a support role in which I was an equal!

I have been in support roles for a good portion of my work life, and in managerial roles for even longer. I vastly prefer support roles to managing people. It better suits my temperament and well-being. In my current situation, I realized, that I am truly regarded as an equal. I have certainly felt myself to be an equal since I returned to supportive roles in 2007, thanks to a healthy sense of self and accomplishment. And while I garnered respect for my skill, knowledge and abilities I wasn’t in the other positions long enough, or perhaps it was the people and the organizations, but I was not regarded as an “equal.”

Not that I simply fell into this scenario in my current position, I certainly earned it, but even this is a tremendously rare experience, at least at this point in human history. I certainly hope that it is a glimpse of things to come.

In fact to take it a step further, the support role is analagous to the feminine aspect, compared to the masculine leadership roles, in which I also include specialist/professional roles. And for the first time, I am experiencing truly equal status with the entire staff.  Granted some may still experience flashes of intellectually-based elitism, however what comes across to me on a feeling level is an acceptance and appreciation that my contributions are equally vital to the success of our mission. What an immense feeling this is!


So on the heels of this recognition, I had some sleep state realizations last night as well. First I found myself very happily in the new vehicle I’ve been desiring. Shortly after however I was pulled over by a meter maid who told me I needed to get new plates. While I thought I simply needed to change the plates from my current vehicle, which are personalized and reflect who I have been for a good 10 years, I realized for the first time that this new vehicle must reflect my current identity. Don’t ask me what that is at this point–I haven’t a clue :D, but at least now I will be alert and not assume that simply transferring from one car/life for another without changing “it all” will do.

Immediately after this new awareness I found myself once again working on my sleep-time mission of downloading information and producing a report of some sort. For the first time I recall that I am in fact making progress. Whereas before when I began to remember my recurring dreams, I only had a pull to “get to this work” that always seemed to be on the backburner.

Not long after, I became aware that these dreams were actually reflecting a spiritual mission and the specialized computer was relocated into an otherwise empty, modern building, despite the computer itself being ancient, and both the computer and required database were cleansed and optimized.

Last night I became fully aware that not only had the report been downloading for a while, it was almost ready to be printed. I also realized that this is only the first of at least two reports. At this particular time at least, I cannot download and print simultaneously, but it does seem I am on the verge of finally seeing something of this report that I am to be working with–very exciting, even though in this moment I haven’t a clue as to what I need to do with it when I actually have it in front of me.  I suppose that will be clear when it needs to be also. And I’m thinking that I will then have a better sense of what my new license plate should say 😉



  tasinator wrote @

Quite interesting insights. I found myself changing vehicles last night, too. Only in my case I was shifting from a fast-moving speeding car to a recumbant bicycle. I found myself moving at a much slower pace and enjoying the feel of the wind and the scent of the trees as I passed them, rather than the noisy honking of car horns and the smell of exhaust.

Seems as if we’re both setting ourselves up for some changes 😉 Hope you continue to enjoy yours…

  Maria wrote @


nice post!

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thank you Maria for stopping by.

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