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Dangers of Distortion

What is becoming increasingly evident to me that distortion is the norm. How can this be? Isn’t distortion a twisting of reality and truth – a corruption of what’s real? Precisely.

It seems to dovetail perfectly into the understanding that this reality is illusion.

Personal Distortion

Illusion or not, this reality is under constant assault through distortion.

Distortion by whom? You-m, and me, and who knows what other aspects of consciousness are perpetuating this misalignment. I’m not so sure it really matters other than to begin to awaken to the myriad of ways we contribute to it, as well as to recognize its many forms, in order to step back, label it, and seek the clarity that it hides.

What do I mean by distortion?

Distort: 1. to explain or report information in a way that is incorrect or untrue or that makes something seem different from what it really is; 2. a sound, shape, characteristic or frequency that distorts or changes (something) so that it is strange, unclear, or difficult to recognize

That doesn’t sound that dangerous or pervasive, does it? Well if you really think about it, consider the different names and forms we have for perpetrating distortion: lies, half-truths, creative license, politics, spin, influence, personal perspective, fantasy, cultural norm, selling, marketing, business as usual, nationalism, religion, science, statistics, theory, art, framing, memory, comparison…

Distortion of Reality

Where do we draw the line? Is there a line?

When we recognize that the distortion we perpetuate twists Truth, which affects all of Consciousness, I believe whatever line there may be moves.

Perhaps what is occurring is that I am becoming more and more aware of this “line” and where it “is.” For a long time now I have made a conscious effort to be as clear as possible, both within my own being, as well as communicating with others. During this process I have become increasingly sensitive to lack of clarity.

I might define clarity as coming into the purist possible focus. [Think, analog to high def – an external reflection of how our consciousness is moving. ;)] So as Consciousness moves in the direction of high def/Clarity, with a capital “C,” the distortion that we’ve been so accustom to becomes more and more glaring, and more and more jarring.

For those who are so entrenched in the old “analog” way of perceiving reality, there is little effort or awareness of anything but the distortion that is their norm. Yet, likewise for those of us who are seeking a High Definition, high frequency, crystalline clarity perspective. We need to be vigilant of the old ways that have been the “norm,” and recognize them for what they are: distortion.

Ramifications of continuing to partake in distortion???

Do we really want to go there?

Or should I say, stay there???

It's up to us.


  Helena wrote @

for more basics, more clear truth, more clarity in communication. Start from fewer things to be certain of. A good positng. thanks, we all can aim more purposefully.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thanks Helena 🙂

  tricia wrote @

ahhhh, but there’s the crux of the matter…what is the norm? and who gets to decide what is normal and what is not? If we each decide for ourselves what is normal, then maybe distortion and change are normal 😉

I believe right now we are fulfilling the old Oriental greeting of “May you live in interesting times…”, because they are certainly that 😉

  shamballa9944 wrote @

I think you are confusing “norm” with “normal.” 3-D life as opposed underlying Truth and Reality.

Most people do not “plane,” as you do, many probably don’t even believe it is possible or “real.” That is not normal for them. That does not mean it is not Real or Truth.

But to take that or any experience, spiritual, physical, emotional what have you and make it appear to be something more or less, better or worse, harmful or harmless (you get the picture) than what it was/is, that would be distortion.

Deciding for our self what is normal is fine, but distorting Truth, whether to our self or to others will have consequences, It is precisely because of the very “interesting” times we live in that I believe we can least afford to “enhance what-is” when people are struggling to touch Truth, sorting through the myriad of Realities and Dimensions.

If someone has a direct experience of the Source of All That Is and Isn’t is a duck, that is Truth for them. If however they proclaim the Source of All That Is is a giraffe, that is distortion.

  motif batik wrote @

i love the last one. so imaginative

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