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Messages of Exquisite Transition

A couple of weeks ago I found myself encountering “signs.”  The nature of these “signs” was disturbing to me, however, and I was at a loss to understand them (or maybe didn’t want to). Within 24 hours I had 3 encounters with dead birds.

It began as I was doing my meditative/ exercise walk one morning, and walked straight up to a bird’s wing. Just the wing–with a bit of blood where it would have been attached to the bird’s body. I was horrified. I felt so shocked, perplexed and sad. I said a blessing, took a deep breath and slowly moved on.

An hour later as I was driving to work my eye caught something white falling from the sky — a large, white dead bird! Right then and there as I was driving by! I couldn’t believe it. First a wing, and now a bird just drops from the sky! Another blessing, a tear and a deep breath.

The next morning as I walk to my car, I see a dead robin lying peacefully on its side, right beside the garage door…. What the hell is going on??

The truth is I never got a clear understanding about this. Some places spoke about bad omens. Most just gave symbolic significance to birds, including specific varieties. (Interpreting waking symbology is essentially the same as interpreting dream symbolism.)

Then yesterday I had a dialog with a fellow metaphysician who pointed out something I had failed to see:

“I understand your concern about the dead animals, but it really isn’t a bad omen. It may however be a sign of how you view death or it could symbolize the death of old patterns in our life. Death is just another step closer to our true journey in life, never to be feared (easier said then done)….  The next time you see a dead animal, think of the animal and its habits not its death.”

As I contemplated this I recognized that the symbol of the bird does not change because the bird is dead. (Birds symbolize divinity and messages, given their connection with the sky/heaven/ freedom.) Once I got passed the fact the bird is “dead,” I could see that the death actually speaks to the transition/ transfiguration into the divine (birds as a whole).

Looking again at my trinity of signs, first I saw a wing–very much an angel connection, which I did recognize when I saw it, despite my thoughts going to how this bird must have suffered to have its wing…well, I don’t want to go there again!

Next a white bird falls from the sky. (While I do not know exactly what kind of bird it was, white always signifies purity and peace in western symbology…think dove.) Could this be: the peace and divinity of heaven now rains down (reigns) upon Earth through the exquisite transitions we now bear witness to?

And the third, the robin, whole and complete, lying peacefully at the entrance to a garage–a place which houses and protects our physical vehicles (bodies). From http://www.greatdreams.com/animals.htm

“ROBIN – denotes a rebirth of ideas or spirit. Denotes the coming of Spring, a new beginning, a new opportunity, or a new birth of self. It also relates to patience such as when he waits for the worm to emerge from the ground for his food.”

An angelic messenger introducing the peace and divinity that we call heaven reigning on Earth? A birth-new beginning of peace, a life transition (death) leading to a rebirth, one of wholeness and completion…sounds pretty awesome actually.

Yeah, maybe not so bad after all.

So why do we recoil when we see these dead messengers – these exquisite messages of divine transition? My thoughts on that tomorrow.


  tasinator wrote @

Very interesting and insightful. I had never quite considered things from that perspective. Thank you for opening my mind a little wider.

  Thanan wrote @

Beautiful website.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Many thanks for your kind words, Thanan.

  Alex Yong wrote @

All things happened for a reason. Perhaps from a different perspective, the dead birds remind that we should value and take good care of our life.

A thought provoking post about life and death. It wakes me up to facts of life.

This is a lovely website.

Thanks for sharing.

  shamballa9944 wrote @


Thank you for stopping by and adding to the conversation. You’re right of course that standing in the face of death (human, plant or animal) we have a wonderful opportunity to have gratitude for the gift of life.

Please stop by any time and share your thoughts!

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