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Where did it go?

Mamaroneck Harbor

I had another weird experience this morning which I feel is really a shifting into/out of alternate realities. I went for my morning walk along the harbor and of course without a jacket or pocket, I carry my keys.  So after about 5 minutes I was consciously aware of the weight of the keys in my right hand and decided to shift them to the other hand. No I am not always so present with these types of actions, but on my walks–I think of them as moving meditations–I tend to be more so. 😉

So having decided to shift the keys to my left hand I did so…and instantly had the sensation in my right hand as if I had dropped something. So much so that I look to the ground to see whether I had! I had “forgotten” for several seconds that I moved the keys to my other hand, and yes, there they were, safe and sound, yet it “felt” like I had simply dropped “something.”

Keys to Changing Realities?

It may sound rather lame in describing this, however it was the weirdest sensation to make a conscious decision, act on it immediately and in the moment of doing so, instantly shift into a reality where I dropped “something,” presumably the keys. I felt as if I had shifted into another reality, even if only for an instant.

These moments happen to most of us at one time or another. I believe often times we are not aware of them, such as when we lose something knowing exactly where we put it, but then its not there– only to turn up somewhere completely different. Are we automatically just “losing it”…meaning our minds?? Sometimes, undoubtedly. But more and more I suspect that things which seem to appear and disappear need to be taken more at face value. That they may truly, be appearing and disappearing. And I believe this is happening with greater frequency as they layers between dimensions grow thinner, and we can shift more easily between them.


  tasinator wrote @

I swear that most dryers are doorways to alternate realities, too. That’s why you can put 2 socks in, and only get 1 out 😉

Now, if you would’ve watched yourself pass the keys from one hand to the other, that wouldn’t have happened (Schroedinger’s cat and all that). Things only “behave in an expected manner” as long as you’re watching them.

  Helena wrote @

I think dimensions overlap here on earth, and are wider apart in higher ways. I think we can experience these overlsps in dimension, once in awhile. You got your impression of it physically, and that is interesing, not just a thought about it, but a real impression anyway. Maybe “a how to get impressions” lesson to follow up on. or maybe something is dropped, and you do not yet know what it is.

Or both. Let us know if something dropped is discovered. If you did ALSO drop keys in another dimension, good for you!!

  Helena wrote @

I agree, I think that dimensions overlap here on earth, buthigher ones are far apart. I think we can lose things or have unexpected things appear for this reason. but, if you had a sens of losing KEYS into a different dimension, and it was not the car keys, then, I would wonder what KIND of keys you dropped there. I say,GOOD for you. who knowshow these things really work? I feel they do work though.

  JustSomeGirl wrote @

Woah. Thats so wierd. And cool. I swear I’ve done the same thing before.

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