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Military and NATO Retirees Speak Out on UFO’S

Sgt. Clifford Stone, Army UFO Consultant, Retired and Robert Dean, NATO Intelligence Analyst, Retired speak out on what the US government and NATO are aware of regarding interstellar, inter-dimensional and multidimensional intelligence that have communicated with us years (undoubtedly far longer).

How much longer will this cover up continue? I am not conspiracy minded, but I think that the days of controlling this information is coming to an end shortly, along with everything else that has stripped people of their innate power.

In fact, of more concern are the lies that have been set into place to discredit this inevitable global reveal in order to counter and distort. This is where discernment is so vital.

As always, now and going forward, listen above all to your own heart’s knowing.



  Helena Ackley wrote @

Building up expectations for many years, wonder if the Mayan Calendar date might be when. Also not following conspiracies though many are probably true enough. But the answer is in a change-over of many paths simutaneously, dimensional, to add a higher and a lower dimension. Somewhat glimkpsed. Helena Ackley

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Some other information I’ve been led towards the last while has been the 2012 Summer Olympics. Opening ceremonies are 7/27/2012 and closing ceremonies are 8/12/2012.

Some make compelling arguments that humanity is in for more than a sporting event – that destiny is building toward a spectacular reveal. It certainly makes good sense when the eyes of the world are on a global event surrounded by good will and healthy competition; seems like an ideal time to demonstration the reality of intelligent life beyond this blue sphere.

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