Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times


A number of times in the last couple of weeks I have had a thought that formulated into a potential post for Exquisite Transitions. Good thoughts. Interesting thoughts. Some of them provocative even. Yet the thoughts were but flickers floating through. Never quite enough to them to capture. Not quite fully formed.

Perhaps its my current state of mind or focus–like many lightworkers now, we are aware that energy is coming at us from many dimensions at once. So I find myself captured by something here and there before some other flicker of a thought captures my focus to be carried off again in yet another dimension. And on it goes.

So please bear with me as I sit here in my inner IMAX theater following thought flickers floating around and waiting for which ones settle into my being long enough to germinate.


  tasinator wrote @

ahhh…to capture the butterflies of thought that flitter through the mind use a flower and not a net 😉

  himeairyo wrote @

You’re definitely right about the energy coming at us. It’s a wonderful time to be in to experience this change. I had a flicker of thought of roaming around wordpress a bit because it felt. I already found two intuitives so far that feels they need me to show them something 😉

Elfpath, we’re a handful of people just like you, and we been looking for more people to work with us. Please do check us out. We love to have more people like you! ❤ *hugs*

With Love,


  shamballa9944 wrote @


I’ll be sure to check it out! Thanks for stopping in.

  slowvelder wrote @

I rather enjoy times like these – one is almost excused for being a little scatterbrained 🙂 – just love you blog

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Ditto! On both notes.

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