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Time Fade

People have spoken of this for decades, probably longer. This point in our history we are moving into No Time–a period when time ceases to be experienced as it was in the past. How does that work? I’m certainly not sure, however I believe I maybe getting a glimpse into this way of living.

Perception of time has become even more ephemeral than in the “past.” When a day off or some off-schedule type of occurrence interrupts the usual flow of a routine, it’s not unusual to feel like its “a Monday,” or Friday or Sunday, whatever.

No Time

However, I have noticed that my sense of time is slipping so far away from me that I cannot recall if something happened a few hours ago, yesterday or last week. This seems to be my new norm. I suppose it’s a habit to attempt to place an experience in some sort of time frame. I hope to soon release that tendency and just get to the experience, because that is all that really matters.


  tasinator wrote @

And here I thought I was just having senior moments. 😉

Interesting concept…I wouldn’t mind hearing more of your thoughts on this.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

I’ll be happy to share…soon as I have some more 🙂 …and remember them LOL

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