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Sleeping – Puttering – Seed-Planting Kinda Day

Some days are strange…today was one of them.

It started last night actually when no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get to sleep. Not really problem as there was nothing I had to do or anywhere I had to be this morning. But the whole day shifted as a result. I finally fell asleep around 4 am.

When I woke around 8:30 I was still tired but again didn’t feel I could just go back to sleep. That’s when the first “strange” hit me: my husband was no where to be found! Very unusual for him these days. So I had to phone him find out that he too had a strange night and had to get out to move around as his legs were bothering him. “Okay, just so I know.”

After checking email etc for a bit, puttering here and there, I sat down with my DH at the computer and started an online application that he’s been needing to initiate. I was keen on taking advantage of the New Moon energy we are still in which is very potent and positive.

After this one foray into the bureaucracy of this 3D reality, we both felt sleepy enough to try to get some more sleep. So at 10:30 or so I lay down for a nap….until 2:30! For me, highly irregular! And what made it truly “strange” was the dream. In the “dream” I felt like I had was feeling very out of sorts and could not keep my eyes open. [I believe that I had a hard time re-entering my body on this “strange” day. I could not wake up!]

Struggling to Get Back In

In the “dream” I ended up feeling my way around, trying to do things like prepare a meal for my family without being able to see for more than brief moments at a time. It went on so long that we spoke about whether or not I needed to be taken to the hospital as something was clearly “wrong.” I was feeling out of it and very clear that I was not right some how.

Thankfully something clicked and I quickly realized that I had been struggling to wake up in my body, not just in my mind. I quickly was able to move ahead, but the feeling of being “out of it” took a little longer to shake.

Continuing the sleeping-puttering pattern the day had taken on, I decided to take out the garbage. Normally, nothing noteworthy about that. Today, I walk out and notice that the apartment next door was having an open house.

The place has been on the market for a year. New realtor, new hopes for a deal…and a half an hour conversation that was less than enlightening, but very much a feeling of a seed being planted for a future opportunity–an opportunity to bring me a buyer for my place just when I need it. Hmmm. Okay, I like that.

And now that I think of it, this was actually the SECOND communication with a realtor on this strange day. When I woke this morning I had a pull to email the broker for this house I’ve been keeping my eye on in Sedona.

Since returning from Sedona much of my focus and intention has been on creating an opportunity for us to move to and create a life in Sedona. I had some questions regarding this particular house and the market there, and got a very quick response to my questions.

I have NEVER made contact with a realtor who’s listing I’ve seen online! Understand, house hunting online has been a longtime hobby of mine. I am always looking for what would make a place “perfect” for us, considering the needs of all concerned. But this was “first contact” with a broker over a particular house.

For me this was another seed being planted: I was telling the Universe, I’m serious. I was taking the risk of making contact, knowing that I can’t see the “how” from where I am, but the intention is pure and strong.

So here I am at the end of this sleeping-puttering-seed planting day, having spoken to a Realtor about buying, another about selling, and helping my DH set into motion his next step as well.

On what I’ve been told was a picture perfect Spring Day, it seems that both my honey and I have been drifting in and out of this dimension, flowing with the energies of the moment and the day, taking some baby steps…and now we wait for further direction. 😉


  tasinator wrote @

Very interesting…sounds like a very positive day, inspite of (or maybe because of) it’s oddness.

  slowvelder wrote @

I wish I could even remember my dreams – never mind have such interesting ones. I have tried telling myself to remember but besides a few – I never can

  nitQuinge wrote @

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!

Christian, iwspo.net

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Well thank you Christian. I appreciate your support, and your input.

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