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Living Amongst the Shadows

Not an uplifting thought, I know. Not an uplifting feeling either. But I have come to recognize how much of the world around me, specifically the people in my life, are but a shadow of their former selves.

As my parents are in their 80’s, Dad nearly 90, this is to be expected. Nonetheless, it is sad.

Many of the clients at work, whom I did not know before the transitions that they are experiencing brought them to our offices, also are mere shadows of vital beings they must have been.

What saddens me most of all is my DH. The man I love is still here in form, but the vitality, the joy for life, the desire to experience–much of it is gone. And I miss him.

What gets me through? The glimmers of the vitality beyond this moment. The people I meet that are filled with vitality, despite whatever difficulties they currently face. My fur-babies, ever-curious, ever-energetic, overflowing with love and life! And me.

Energized by the Sun

Thankfully I feel more vital than ever. Physically, spiritually and everything in between. I look to nature to inspire me, when the people around me leave me feeling that the light is fading. It’s tough living amongst the dying, when new life is bubbling up from every cell of your being. But for those of us lucky enough to be experiencing a rebirth, that seems to be the price we pay.


  Kelli Swan wrote @

I can so relate … thanks for the lovely post…

  tasinator wrote @

fur babies and nature are always a great refuge.

  cohenix wrote @

you’re like the embodiment of the expression that says, “a thousand candles can be lit from one, but it does not diminish the one.”

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Wow. I’m not sure how to respond to that. I believe we can all be that, and many of us certainly are. And if you can see that in me, can you see it in yourself too?

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