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Recurring Dream Revealed

About once a month for at least a year I have been dreaming that I have an assignment that I have to attend to, but it is perpetually on the back-burner. I feel the inner calling to get to it, but day-to-day duties and responsibilities seem to prevent me from attending to it.

So in the dreams when I feel the pull IĀ  go the special computer needed to download what I’d need in order to prepare a report, but I never get far. When the dreams first started I barely remembered what to do. Then I realized that I needed to access a database, but couldn’t remember how. Later I’d start running the reports, but again distractions of my “current job” would interrupt the process.

While these dreams were a curiosity, I never gave them much thought. I had been temping for two years, working with computers for decades, and the dreams felt like a holdover from some previous job I had, somehow calling out to me. There was never any external pressure within the dreams to complete the assignment, purely an internal one.

Two nights after I returned from Sedona I had the latest of these dreams–yet another example of the spiritual transitions that have been initiated on this trip–I awoke with a knowing that I’d not had about them before. The assignment is very real, although it is a spiritual, not third dimensional one. Why the thought never occurred to me before is beyond me, but there it is.

In this dream the scenario reflected the increase in vibrational frequency that I am experiencing and the transition that accompanies it. Once again I was looking to run the report, however I could not find the computer that the data was stored on. I ran into the “Director of IT from an old company” and asked where the computer was. He explained that it was moved to a new location, cleared and upgraded. I was distressed that this was done without my knowledge and asked him to take me there, which he did.

Don't judge a PC by its vintage.

The computer was now the only piece of technology in a remote location, housed in a large, new and modern building. It struck me as ironic as the computer was ancient by today’s standard’s, yet the only one that could do the task. “They” had wiped the memory clean, but were preparing to re-upload the software and data.

The knowing I had on waking was absolute: I am being called to carryout a spiritual assignment, even if I don’t currently have a clear conscious understanding of what that entails.

On further reflection I recognize that “download” in spiritual terms is receiving (channeling) information and that I must create a report (perhaps as in writing a book…or a blog šŸ˜‰ .) I trust that with this conscious knowing, the next phases of this assignment will come into clearer view more quickly.


  slowvelder wrote @

Wow – sounds interesting – I look forward to the next chapter šŸ™‚

  tasinator wrote @

I echo slowvelder….very interesting.

  cohenix wrote @

Interesting postings, and interesting site.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thank you!

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