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Almost There…

So there are many reasons that are contributing to the transition I am experiencing now. Much of it is conscious and to an unknown degree unconscious. I have been keenly aware of how this trip began with a full moon (completions) and ended on a new moon (new beginnings).

Shortly after arriving in Sedona I felt a profound sense of being at a transition point. In fact there were strong indications even before I left. On my last day at work, when I arrived at the office my odometer read 99,000. For those of you familiar with numerology, 9 is the number of completion, 99 is a master number which amplifies the frequency of completion, and zeroes behind any number will amplify this frequency even further! So the signs were there: a major shift is about to occur.

While our vacation was externally very peaceful and relaxing, on a spiritual level there was much going on for me. One of the things I did was to consciously integrate higher vibrational frequencies of alternate realities–selves that had or created experiences I wished to manifest in my timeline. I will be sharing several of them in the next few days.

What can I have now?

I will actually begin with the last one I synergized: the self that has overcome the snacking/ grazing habit that I’ve been battling with all my adult life. As I met this self and merged with this higher vibrational frequency I heard the message I could come back whenever I wished to, and that I am “almost there.”

What I noticed going back to work and in the evenings, I was not really that  interested in snacking. I was not over doing it. It was not that I was having nothing, but just not going overboard. The thoughts about “what can I have now” were not there. There was little or no desire to nosh. In the moment of noticing this shift I got the sense that I was…almost there 😉 How cool is that?!

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  Tas` wrote @

Isn’t it amazing how great it feels to be no longer limited by habits we no longer need or want. Good for you 😉

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