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Home Again

After an absolutely perfect vacation and equally perfect trip back to NY, we’re home again. Back at work, but feeling great. Relaxed and flowing with whatever. Straightening out some snafu’s, but nothing overwhelming.

What’s more amazing than the breezy readjustment in the traveling home,  the time change and being back in the office is how different I am.  I am here, but I’m not all there…LOL. And what’s more, I am very okay with it!

Whether its something about work, doing something at home or going on my lunchtime walk, I notice that what may have previously been on autopilot is now off. And apparently from time to time the human pilot is off somewhere too.

What surprises me is how okay I am with how I am. It actually feels good to not be in conscious control at all times.  So while I am home again, I am also not all home, and it’s a good thing!

Leavin' the light on for when I return

IF I return 😉


  tasinator wrote @

Glad you’re back and not back 😉

  shamballa9944 wrote @

LOL…Thanks 😉

Have a wonder-filled day. Sylvia Check out my blog: http://www.ExquisiteTransitions.wordpress.com

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