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Free from Karma and Ego…

Another blogger I admire, Davidya, recently wrote insightfully about freedom from karma. It got me to thinking about several people I know who believed themselves to have achieved such a state of being, and my observations of them.

In my experience people who profess their karma is complete or being free from ego are often missing something very crucial. In fact in witnessing their interactions with others it would seem that either they have unwittingly created more karma and inflated their ego by placing themselves “above” others.

When I witness such a person shunned by people over and over again, who lose patience with their ways and expectations, and see that they then couch it as “they simply cannot be around my frequency,” I shake my head that they do not recognize something more is going on here.

If someone was told by another, or by guidance, that they were clear of ego and karma, and they then latch on to that proclamation as though consciousness is static, they have shut themselves off from a present moment awareness of what they are being.

Knowing this, when I find myself experiencing a moment when I have a sense of this, I remind myself to stay present to the moment, and then the next, and the next, knowing that I AM creates new in every moment.


  Tasinator wrote @

What is your definition of karma? I define karma as an imbalance either with another person, with yourself, or with some aspect of the world.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

I would say that fits with my understanding and the general idea, although most people tie it primarily to past life experiences. I find that definition limiting, and overlooks what I see the greater understanding that all time is now and there is no true “past” life, just different points on a continuum.

Have a wonder-filled day. Sylvia Check out my blog: http://www.ExquisiteTransitions.wordpress.com

  tasinator wrote @

Thanks…I had to ask because I had just read some other blogs and realized that their concept of karma and mine were miles apart when I thought they had been the same.

Again, always glad to read your postings 😉

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