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Kid in a Candy Shop

Well, for me that is a crystal shop. I took more than an hour this morning to browse my favorite shop here in Sedona, Crystal Magic. While to some the many crystal shops seem much the same, I do find some dramatic differences.  Crystal Magic for me is the metaphysicians source, not the dabbler, the tourist, the art aficionado or the skeptics attraction.

What is the flavor of the day for you??

I was there last week and picked up some nice pieces that I needed at this time, but this time my intention was to pick up some pieces for my colleagues. What fun. My intention was to pick up a variety of 2 or 3 stones and let their inner knowing choose what was right for them.

I ended up with several pieces of  citrine (one is mine 😉 )

  • An abundance stone that improves manifestation skills while attracting prosperity.
  • A protection stone that draws negative energy, converts and dissipates it. Giving back positive energy.
  • Cleanses chakras, especially solar plexus. Activates crown chakra.

a couple of pieces of blue quartz

  • enhances a feeling of connectedness
  • magnified a sense of freshness and openness
  • erases fear

a couple of nice pieces of fluorite

  • master healer
  • brings order to chaos
  • helps to see both reality and truth behind illusion
  • clearing and renewal of chakras
  • third eye stone
  • orderly connection to psychic and spiritual growth
  • shields from negative energy
  • inspires universal energies to activate and nourish the body

also a couple of pieces of sulphur (one’s definitely for me)

  • a stone of energy and vitality which can help remove negative thoughts and feelings
  • help decrease illness by taking away the mental/emotional component
  • bring protection and purification. Is used in metaphysics to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the energy fields of people
  •  related primarily to the solar plexus chakra

In addition to these I discovered blue goldstone, a spectacularly beautiful stone described as

  • good for lifting depression and relieving anxiety
  • helps with pain and inflammation.
  • aids transformation of thoughts from one person to another.
  • helps remove or repel unwanted entities from your environment.
  • gemstone of wisdom and science, helping us remember the light within the darkness and showing us to reach for the stars.

as well as fulgurite–not an attractive piece, but something drew me to it. As I sat with it I felt enormous strength, grounding, power and centeredness. Going online I learned that it is formed when lightning strikes quartz sand!  The properties cited were

  • powerful tool for manifestation
  • facilitates letting go of anything blocking progress in our evolution
  • helps to connect to the frequencies of the divine

I also picked up a glittery fuchsia bumper sticker with an Angel on it:


my foundational paradigm, if ever I had one.

Care for some rock candy today???

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  tasinator wrote @

I tend towards rose quartz and black onyx most of the time 😉

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