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Turn the Key, and Say Yes

In a meditation this morning, meeting with a self from an alternate reality, I clearly heard: Turn the Key, and Say Yes. Yes to the gifts of the universe, yes to manifesting for the highest good of all.

Which key, and when? Where? Is it an actual key or is it simply metaphorical?

Tonight my thoughts go back many years to a dream that has stayed with me for nearly 30 years: I was watching myself from the perspective of the courtyard in front of 630 East Lincoln. I watched as I threw (12) keys from my bedroom window. I don’t know why I threw them, just that they were very important. I tried to go back up to the apartment window to see where they dropped, but I couldn’t find them.

And perhaps for the first time, I wonder, why would I have thrown them out the window in the first place? (This was a younger self that did this, younger than I was at the time of the dream, and clearly reinforced by taking place in my childhood home.) A thought comes to me that perhaps it is so that the I that I am now needs to go back, understanding…feeling, no…KNOWING the importance of these keys, and retrieve them.

This dream, and the feelings I woke with has stayed with me all these years. And now, “turn the key.” I can’t help but wonder if this dream holds “the key.”  And if so, how do I go back?  How do I find them?

And now it occurs to me that perhaps finding the key is just the recognition that these keys are out there, and that perhaps the “turn” is simply to KNOW they are there/here and simply Say Yes. So this is what I will now do.

“I acknowledge the vital importance these keys are to me and own them now and always. I trust myself and this knowing…and say Yes. So let it be written, so let it be done.”




And as I conclude this post, music plays in the background: to everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn…   deep sigh.

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  tasinator wrote @

The key is you and the choices you make…may all of your searches end in success (whatever that word means to you;-)

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