Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Sedona 2010

First full day in Sedona and feeling fine. It didn’t come the moment we entered Red Rock Country. In fact I was rather sadden by the large amount of dead trees, scorched mountain sides and natural devestation I saw when driving in yesterday. It reawakened the feeling I’ve had before that the energies of Sedona have shifted significantly from when I first began visiting in the 80’s.

This troubled me again this morning, even while I questioned my focus as the culprit rather than Sedona itself.

At the same time though I realized that I was having a lot of insights into seemigly incongruous thoughts. This alone can certainly be attributed to where I am also.

Exquisite Transitions

So in no particular order, more by way of a record of the thoughts and activities that I will be following for the coming days:

1. Reading more in this book on energy vampires due to work related situations that I recognized in the 2 weeks before I left.  (happily though a very POSITIVE book without the judgement and accompanying paranoia typical of discussions on the subject)

2. Did a couple of meditiations today and found myself going deep very quickly.

3. Saw and met Dr. Angel Light feather yesterday. Intend to get aura photo taken with reading. Maybe get A. to do it too. 😉

4. Realize that the joy I feel comes primarily from observing others being happy and feeling joy. Perhaps this is why I have felt so little joy for such a long time, and that I have been saying that April and Amber (my kitties) ARE my joy! Now I am able to enjoy A’s joy at being here too! I hope he will be able to take that joy for living back to NY in a couple of weeks.

5. So with that thought, I also wonder whether experiencing joy (surge of energy) when others are happy and feeling joy is a form of energy vampirism?? Yikes. Don’t know. Or is it tapping into a universal energy. Sounds better–I’d certainly like to think so, but I want to rule out a lower form of energy gain on my part before I leave here!

6. This vacation is a transition time for me. That feeling is very clear. Transition to what is unclear. Nor do I believe it will necessarily be immediately apparent when we return. My first hint at this was when I arrived at work on Friday, my last day before vacation…and my odometer reached 99,000 exactly.  This is highly indicative of endings/completion.

7. I can’t remember the last time I came here and I was so clear on issues I wanted to clarify, clear and move beyond. I feel like I have goals, but there is no pressure, no “agenda,” just a knowing that these questions are before me to be answered and ready me for the next phase, whatever that may be.


  Tasinator wrote @

your aura has a natural flow and ebb (natural to you), but when in close proximity to others it can adjust its flow to more match those around you. Therefore, if the majority of people around you are stressed, angry, or depressed, your energies (aura) may begin to flow in a way that makes you feel depressed, angry, or stressed. The reverse is also true, if the majority of those around you are feeling joy or happiness, then your aura can adjust to match that.

It’s not that you’re tapping into their auras, or they yours, but more just a synchronizing of the energies within a group.

Happy vacation, and I love the pic…Sedona and Santa Fe are gorgeous areas.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thank you Tas. That certainly makes sense.

  Kelli Swan wrote @

Yet another great post — your blog is becoming so deep and beautiful. 🙂

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thank you Kelly. I thought of you yesterday as we drove past where your horse was stabled and paused to bless him, and you for sharing him with me that afternoon. It definitely was a joyous afternoon for me 🙂

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