Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Who is this strange person??

I don’t recognize me! Not because I don’t look the same, but because I don’t react as I used to. Of course a number of things that have been happening wouldn’t have happened to “the old me,” at least not with the frequency they are happening now.

In the last 3 months I’ve lost a brand new pair of prescription glasses, had 2 encounters with black ice, one where my car hit the guard rail, the other where my head hit the car and then the pavement. And just tonight I realized I can’t find $300 that I had set aside for our trip, just yesterday.

Coming or Going?

Now any one of these would have had me beating myself up endlessly in the past. The truth is I am not one to lose things as a rule. But then nothing is as it once was, and it feels like things are “disappearing on me.” Here one moment, gone the next. Perhaps this is what makes it easier for me to let it go, shrug my shoulders and say “Oh well.”

Mind you, money is tight so losing new glasses, having to pay a deductible on a car repair or outright “dematerialize” cash is not something trivial to me. But what I am finding even more astonishing than all these occurrences is my response to them. It’s not mental, or an intellectual exercise–from the truest part of me I can say “Oh well,” and just let it be what it is. Maybe this is what it feels like to detach from things, from money, from perceived value?

And I must say, as someone who has been very attached in the past, probably obsessively so, it feels “like easy come, easy go.” This is particularly strange because it hasn’t really been coming easy at all! I have been working extremely hard for the little I make. Yet, it still feels like “easy come, easy go.”

Maybe, just maybe, it is really: easy go, easy come. I’ve experienced the easy go (as in, I will not stress over it going), so just maybe its time for the easy come now too. LOL. I’ll let you know! 😉


  tasinator wrote @

Funny how our priorities can change, whether because of time, maturity, or the gaining of awareness. Interesting, too, that we set these lessons for ourselves, and then seem amazed when we actually surpass them 😉

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Right you are! I suppose that when the realization hits that this major transition has actually manifested, perhaps by integrating other dimensional selves, it is still startling…in a good way LOL.

  Lightworker wrote @

It sounds to me like you are letting go of an aspect of yourself ? Glasses relate to sight,seeing ,vision and you lost them…could be you see yourself differently now or maybe look at seeing yourself differently.Make sense?
Love & Light

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Certainly does! Thank you for the perspective.

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