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Party Line

Every now and then when my Mom or Dad call I hear another voice briefly before the call is truly connected. They use a service which enables them to make long distances calls for less than a penny a minute, so it may have something to do with that, or with my VoIP service.

Combing the Lines of Communication--Just Where Do They Begin and End??

As it happens every so often I don’t usually think much of it. Tonight however was rather different. First, the phone rang a couple of times before I could answer and I heard nothing.  I figured it went to voicemail. I tried to call them back without success.

A moment later the phone rang again, and the caller ID said it was my folks calling, however I clearly heard a young woman saying in German, “I just wanted to tell you that your (answering) machine isn’t working right…,” and then I hear my Mother’s voice saying can you hear me now?

And the very next thing my mother said was, I think there is a problem with your (answering) machine,  only she said it in English.  I must say I was dumbstruck!

Impressions flooded my mind as my mom spoke about mundane things… how usually the voice is male… is that when my Dad is on the line?… what are the odds…? Could this be an alternate reality?? Am I hearing my mother’s thought?

Despite my awareness of parallel timelines or alternate realities, like so many of us, I still fall into the assumption that an occurrence like this is simply a third dimensional one–crossed connections of the electronic kind.

Well, it may well be that, but it is just as likely at this point in our reality, as dimensions and realities merge and shift, that these experiences are anything but third dimensional! You can count on my paying far closer attention to the “extra voices” on the party line going forward!


  Lightworker wrote @

How very exciting,I love when things like this happen ! It shows your own awareness,great stuff !

  tasinator wrote @

Oh how I enjoy your insights and perceptions…you give life a new slant, a fun slant.


  shamballa9944 wrote @

LOL…. 😉 That’s me slanted!

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