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Tax Brain

Spring is my favorite time of year: the promise of new beginnings, the energy that bubbles up from the very ground we stand upon, the birds announcing each morning that it’s time to wake up from the winter doldrums. There is only one man-made fly in the ointment, at least in the US…TAX TIME.

While for much of my adult life I had no problem doing my own taxes, even when things became more complex. Yet there came a time when doing so taxed my brain more than the government taxed my income! I found that as I moved more and more into following my spirit, listening to my inner knowing, I simply could not wrap my head around sorting through a year’s worth of numbers. And this from someone who prepared payrolls for many years.

Making the Right Brain to Left Brain Transition

So I hired an accountant. He was wonderful and very organized, which very much resonates with who I am. And for several years my “tax brain” was still sufficiently engaged to pull the necessary information together easily. For the last 5 or 6 years however my favorite time of year has also held this dread of having to pull all this data together, knowing if I didn’t do it right, it would cost me.

In that first year or two after my tax brain died, I struggled enormously to remember how I did what I used to do with such ease. Let’s just say I barely scraped by! By the third year I procrastinated so much (very uncharacteristic of me), at the same time praying that I could get my brain together enough to pull this information together. Lo’ and behold, one day in early April I had a surge of left-brain energy and was able to pull the data together with relative ease.

Putting the Pieces Together

While I still think tax season still is the ruination of the best time of year, and I still feel this task hang over me from early January on, I have come to learn that by following my own energy, and trusting that in the proper moment, my tax brain will re-ignite long enough to do what I need.

Yesterday I spent 5 hours pulling this information together. Even with Quicken and well-organized records, there are simply so many details that if overlooked will cost. What’s funny is that in the grips of my left-brain glory, I actually enjoyed the way the pieces would come together, check and cross-check, the sense of accomplishment and “correctness,” as my mother would say–until my tax brain gave out.

Everything to that point had checked correctly each and every time, until just about at the finish line, not one but two errors were apparent. I spent a minute or two attempting to correct the errors, which were simple ones, but I just couldn’t see the numbers I was looking for! It’s like someone erased them from the pages–gone!

I was seeing my tax brain rapidly fall asleep. So I packed it in, knowing that in the morning I could easily correct the errors, be done with this annual ritual and go on to welcome Spring with joy and freedom from this third dimensional obligation. Whew!


  tasinator wrote @

The major thorn in the rose of spring 😉

  Kelli Swan wrote @

Loving your blog … keep ’em coming! 🙂

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thanks so much!

  slowvelder wrote @

I am so glad that Tricia pointed me in your direction – what a beautiful blog! – I will be back as I have much to learn from you.
I have added your blog to my blogroll.
Best wishes to you and strength to you and your partner as you go through difficult times.

  shamballa9944 wrote @

Thank you so much for your lovely sentiments. I am honored. I am looking forward to checking out your blog in the coming days also!

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