Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Black Ice

This morning was one of those mornings when all was right with the world. The trees and bushes were covered with snow, yet the roads were clear. I’m feeling good after my workout and a warm, relaxing shower. My body is tingling with energy and I am feeling happy to be going to a job I love.

Oh, happy day!

And then I hit the ice–with my face! It happened so fast that I hit the ground before I knew what happened..and hit my head hard. It took a while for me to get myself up, at which point I noticed the blood on the ground, on my pocketbook, even on the bumper of my car.

Thankfully the cut was small, just in one of those places that bleeds a lot. One CT scan, tetanus shot and several Tylenol later and I’m doing okay. In fact, my shoulder hurts more than my head at this point, although I have a nice shiner to show off, LOL.

Still when I think about it, is it just “one of those things?” I don’t really believe in that anymore. Learn to let go? Put myself first? Let others handle things ? Have I been shouldering too much? Perhaps I just don’t have enough information or perspective at this moment to understand what this is about.

Seeing the people who reach out–and those that don’t? When you’re left alone to get yourself up off the floor, and when someone goes out of their way to see if you’re okay and offers to help? Experiencing the polarities and dealing with the gratitude and the disappointment.

Again, time will tell…

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