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Fear of Abundance

What I love about being aware of my dreams and understanding what they are showing me is that they can viscerally open me to sides of myself with which I have been completely out of touch.

Many years ago I consciously started to pay attention to my dreams for purposes of inner growth, not entertainment. On some level I had always done this, but about 25 years ago I began to approach dreaming in a new way. Not through dream dictionaries, which often didn’t resonate with me, but through an inner interpreter. I eventually did find a wonderful dream book that spoke to me, The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams by Wilda B. Tanner.

I began to see a multitude of layers of interpretation for each dream. Every layer spoke its own truth and none negated any other interpretation. The richness of these dreams and these many layers of understanding astounded me.

After a time I’d have a dream, then in another dream, I’d be telling someone about the first dream and interpreting it. At times it would go still further like a follow up dream, followed by its interpretation, often interwoven with that of the first dream….fascinating.

There came a point when I would have total detailed recall of 7 or 8 dreams each night. I would record them religiously in the minutest detail. It became a huge daily chore. I began to realize that I had “cleaned out” as much of my subconscious as I was going to at that time; all the dreams were telling me the same things over and over and over. So I asked for the (conscious) dreaming to stop until and unless something new could be discovered.

So the dreams became much less frequent, but when I recalled them they were significant. They warned me, prepared me and taught me…again. I gave myself permission not to have to record them unless I was moved to. And they changed.

More and more my dreams were communications from other dimensions. I’d had them before, but now there was greater recall of the communications as opposed to just an overall feeling I was left with.

And as you may know, if you’ve read earlier posts on this blog, for some time now, I have been “dreaming” or perhaps more accurately, “jumping” into alternative realities during sleep state.

Well, last night was something of a blending of several realities. Without boring you with all the details, I can say the dream opened with a traditionally symbolic scene…a new car and an old car, both “mine” about to collide–actually more like sideswipe one another. They came within an inch of each other, when the “old” car I was in passed the “new” one and kept speeding up. I found I had no control of this car, as I was seated in the driver’s seat–backwards! I opened the door to jump out, and jumped into another reality…

In this reality what I thought was day was actually night; I felt I was missing at least 12 hours of time and the people I was with didn’t know if I had been with them or not. It was all feeling ‘weird.’  I was living with a coworker from this reality, but she was more into partying with these men that were there than working, unlike in this physical reality.

Things became even more eye-opening when I began to leave my home in this dream and I saw the men my coworker was hanging out with leave too. I believe they had “done something” and they knew I knew what they had done. Let me put it this way–I was feeling extremely paranoid in this reality. I tried to avoid eye contact with these men, and ultimately hid, as I feared they would try to eliminate a witness.

Then one of the men came back to confront me. Yet nothing he said or did was threatening. Nevertheless, I felt threatened. In fact, what he did say was that I had to go to this vault with funds that were there for me. And I was to write myself a check everyday, for the rest of my life. He took out a kitchen knife, but rather than threaten me with it, he made a small cut in his forearm and let a small amount of his blood from the cut drip onto an electronic triggering mechanism. I was supposed to use this trigger to accept this gift.

But I was filled with distrust. The gift he gave me felt like a payoff to keep quiet. Thoughts that the small amount of smoke from the blood on the trigger was actually some toxic fume intended to kill me, or that if I activated the trigger I might blow up. I deliberated for some time before attempting to pick up the mechanism, finally deciding that I could justify accepting this as my life was being threatened. So I tentatively picked up the trigger, experienced a couple of energetic surges from it (nothing that would kill me though) and walked out to the parking lot.

I couldn’t find my car so I had to activate the trigger to identify it, much like using your car remote. But the sound it made was muffled and unrecognizable to me. What I was avoiding accepting was that my car was this large silver limousine prominently situated in the middle of the parking lot! When I finally allowed myself to accept that THIS was now my car, I opened the limousine door to get in and woke up!

Opening the Door to Abundance

The collision of new and old–frequencies of abundance and frequencies of fear of abundance were both simultaneously activated in a huge way. On waking I could feel the abundance of that which was offered to me–that which I had, despite my fears, accepted.

In THIS reality, I did not feel the paranoia and fear as I had so acutely experienced in the alternate reality from which I had just returned. But I was now awakened to the many palpable thoughtforms that create obstacles to abundance–where I have outright rejected abundance as an illegitimate scam.

So as of today I have a new thoughtform to hold onto–to write myself a check everyday, for the rest of my life… It feels pretty darn good! You might want to play with that one too.  😉


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  Geri Greene wrote @

Your blog is tremendous – Divine Timing – somewhere on the comments I saw a note of Alternate Universes. The term has always had an allure. If anyone would like to enlighten me on that further, I’d appreciate it.

FL Joie at msn dot com

  shamballa9944 wrote @


Welcome to Exquisite Transitions. I’m glad you found this site.

People use terms like alternate universes/dimensions and alternative timelines interchangeably. As they imply these are universes, which we might also recognize as other dimensions of this universe, and their infinite timelines that comprise these universes/dimensions. A timeline is the the linear history and future that we think of as “reality.” Most think that there is only the one we are in. But every choice NOT made is a road taken in an alternate reality/universe in an alternate timeline. Without getting bogged down in the hows or whys, what’s important, I believe, is to recognize that these alternates are “out there” and that they can impact us… in fact they ARE us too. So some feel that it is important to reintegrate them into our being. Whether we do so consciously or not, many people are beginning to experience these alternates and it is helpful to recognize what is happening to avoid further confusion or distortion.

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