Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Perceptions of Energy

It’s fascinating to me how perception is so completely subjective, even when there is objective truth that can suggest something very different. The last two weeks are a perfect example.

Since the last few weeks of 2009 things at work have become even busier than they were. Stress levels and activity were nonstop. This was especially true for the 2nd and 3rd week of January. And despite having Monday off for MLK day, last week was crazy busy.

This week was surprisingly, delightfully a calmer more relaxed week where I could get caught up and had some free time to actually have some conversations with a few clients without the familiar pull to get back to putting out this fire or that. This shift was felt and enjoyed by all.

And yet, the numbers tell a different story. We had more clients than the previous week, including more new clients, and we worked more days. Yet the week flew by, unlike the week(s) before, including the holiday week. There was something in the air that had a calmer energy to it. Things were far more manageable than they had been in the previous 5-6 weeks.

Often perception is very individualized, and yet at times like this, everyone picks up on the shift, despite the objective numbers which tell a different story. Must be something else going on here…a shift in energy.

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