Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Weakness into Strength

Unlike dreaming in the past years, which I will explain in greater depth at a later time, but which were more traditional, usually symbolic dreams to be interpreted, the dreams of these past few months have a different feel. They are more like stepping into a scene in a movie of my life, except there’s usually something different about it.

Who knows, maybe the dreams are the same as they have always been, however now I am experiencing them differently. Rather than see the symbolism in them (in which I have been very adept), now I recognize something more. As I posted yesterday, after having several dreams where circumstances were dramatically different, I came to a realization that I was ‘visiting’ other realities in sleep state.

And the ones I had been been visiting seemed to need my help. I would assert myself in the face of verbal attack, express authentic emotion that had never been expressed. I would remain calm in the face of threatening or overwhelming situations, bringing balance to others involved. This felt “normal” to me, however was received by those around me as “new” behavior.

Because of this I came to regard this as visiting alternate realities of a lower vibrational frequency. Meaning the “me” of that reality was operating at a less aware level of consciousness than “I” strive to. [I realize this sounds/is egoistic, but I don’t know how else to express this in this moment.

Personal Transformations

Personal Transformations

Perhaps it’s impossible to discuss this type of subject without ego. I’ll have to think on that more. Unless YOU have other thoughts on the matter?? If so, please speak up!]

So far, this has been the case. This week, however, I had a new experience and the awareness is what drove me to create this blog…

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