Exquisite Transitions

Exploring the opportunities and gifts of changing times

Dream realities, or something more?

So what is it about transitions that has captured my attention so intensely at this time?

Undoubtedly in part it is the wonderful place that I work, in which everyone is in transition. I get to witness those who are clinging to the past, those who are stagnating and those who are moving forward, which more often then not is defined by their attitude rather than by the circumstances they find themselves in.

I cannot and would never discuss anything from that world here, but it is inescapable that what I see and hear there as an effect on me.

However what has driven me to begin this journey has much more to do with my own experiences of late. They are of a more esoteric nature and have to do with what I’ve come to regard as integrating alternate timelines.


This started several months ago with dreams that were very similar to “my life,” but then key elements would be vastly different. My reaction to these differences was shock and astonishment within the dream. My response within the context of this “dream” reality was received with shock and astonishment also.

To be clear, in this so-called dream reality, my mother spoke and behaved in a way that was completely different in tone and attitude from the Mother I know.  Once I recovered from the shock of this alternate Mom, I responded as I would in this here and now were anyone to speak to me or treat me in that way. “Alternate” Mom was speechless, shocked and “tucked tail and ran.”

This was probably the dream that finally clued me in as to what I had been experiencing for some time…alternative realities interweaving with ‘my’ present, affecting and impacting…both. I believe its fair to say this is the “ultimate” transition…

More to come 😉

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